Why You Need an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and thrilling experience. It also comes with numerous safety risks. According to a 2017 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report,  5,172 motorcyclists lost their lives in riding accidents. Motorcyclists are also more likely to get seriously injured in a road accident compared to drivers in other vehicles. Many motorcycle accidents happen because of the negligence of other drivers. Car and truck drivers often neglect the duty of care they owe to riders. If you or a loved one has been injured a motorcycle accident, you may qualify for compensatory damages. These damages are recovered from the at-fault party responsible for the accident, or from your own insurer.

In any case, the advice and guidance of an attorney are invaluable when seeking damages. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you with various aspects of filing a claim and recovering suitable compensation. The following are some of the ways an attorney can help you:

Provide informed advice and legal expertise

You need legal guidance and advice after a motorcycle accident. A qualified attorney typically has many years of experience in dealing with personal injury and motorcycle accident cases. The attorney is well-acquainted with the insurance landscape and the relevant state laws. This allows the attorney to quickly review your case and see if you have a valid claim.

Based on this review, the attorney can advise you on whether or not to pursue damages. If your claim is not valid, pursuing damages will only waste your time and money. If it is valid, the attorney will help you reach a fair estimate of the damages you want to seek.

File Damages Claim

There are many steps between a motorcycle accident and filing for damages. After a motorcycle accident, an attorney will gather the relevant evidence. The attorney will also reach out to medical experts and witnesses for testimony to support your case. Finally, once all the requisite materials are in place, the attorney will file the claim on your behalf with the insurer or at-fault party.

Meet legal requirements

Image of a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accident claims must meet certain requirements in the state of Alabama. For instance, you must file the claim within two years of the accident. If the statute of limitations has expired, you can’t legally seek damages. Similarly, you must notify your insurance company of an accident within a set period of time. These and other legal requirements must be met before you proceed to seek compensation. Hiring an attorney is highly recommended, as will guide you through this process.

Counter lowball offers

When you first file a motorcycle accident claim, the insurance company will likely respond with a lowball offer. This is a tactic by insurance adjusters to pay you as little as possible. With an attorney on your side, he or she can counter with an offer that will adequately cover your losses.

Negotiate on your behalf

A lot of negotiations happen before you receive compensation for a motorcycle accident. The insurance company will try to bring down your demand. A qualified attorney can cite the correct facts and evidence to support your case and ultimately obtain a beneficial settlement for you.

How do I pay my attorney?

A motorcycle accident usually results in serious injuries which can result in medical bills and other expenses.

The good news is that most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that you don’t have to pay your attorney anything upfront. Instead, the attorney takes your case, prepares it for trial and seeks compensation. Once your claim is successful and you receive compensation, you then pay an agreed-upon percentage to your lawyer. This is known as a contingency arrangement.

Here at Hare Wynn, every initial consultation is free, and our motorcycle accident attorneys work on a contingency basis. This has many benefits. For you, this means that you will get exceptional legal help without spending any money until we settle your case. Contact our firm today for assistance if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

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