Why Do Car Accidents Increase During the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is just around the corner and there is already an anticipation of the celebration, festivity and fun ahead. However, as a Birmingham personal injury attorney will tell you, with the winter season comes an increase in the number of car accidents.
From Thanksgiving Day to the New Years’ Eve every year, roads across the United States see a lot more traffic. A higher traffic volume and a number of other reasons contribute to a rise in car crashes and fatalities. To avoid being a victim of a car accident during the holiday season, it is important to understand the key reasons that cause such accidents. Here’s a look at the key causes of car crashes during the holidays.

Drunk Driving

According to a study, the average alcohol consumption of Americans doubles during the holiday season. Light drinkers tend to drink more heavily while more heavy drinkers are inclined to binge. This is also because there are many parties and social events where alcohol is served. And while consuming alcohol is alright, driving after alcohol isn’t.
Many car accidents during the holiday season are caused by drunk driving. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 781 people died in drunk-driving crashes in December, 2016 alone. Between Christmas and New Year’s, nearly 300 people  die in drunk-driving accidents each year.

Traffic Volume

During the holidays, most people are off of work. At the same time, there is an increase in activities. People are more likely to be out and about- shopping, eating, attending events, running errands or visiting friends and/or family. All of this contributes to a sharp increase in traffic volume.
In 2018, AAA estimated that nearly 102.1 million Americans traveled by road during the holidays. With more cars on the road, you are more likely to be involved in an accident throughout December and early January.
It is best to avoid the roads during rush hour. If you are traveling, it is best to get on the road in the early morning hours when the traffic is the lightest.

Inexperienced Drivers

Getting around is easier when you know the location well. However, if you are not very familiar with the area, you are more likely to be involved in an accident. This is often the case during the holidays when people are traveling to other towns and cities to meet loved ones. Many will travel to a major city to take advantage of shopping discounts or to attend an event. All of this makes for drivers who are often unaware of the local roads and routes. This uncertainty leads drivers take a wrong turn, then panic or overspeed to reach their destination sooner. And that, in turn, can cause accidents.

Weather Conditions

The holiday season is marked by adverse weather conditions. An AAA estimate shows that nearly 46% of all crashes involving bad weather happen during the winter season. The busy holiday schedule can cause drivers to get on the road without proper maintenance precautions. Coupled with the weather problems, this can lead to accidents.

How can a Birmingham Personal Injury Attorney Help You?

If you have suffered injuries in a car crash during the holidays, you may be able to recover compensatory damages. Alternatively, you may face a damages claim from the other party or parties involved in the crash. In both cases, it is critically important to have a Birmingham  personal injury attorney at your side. An experienced attorney will help you seek the damages you deserve and deal with the legal fall-out after a car crash.

Finding a Birmingham Personal Injury Attorney

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