Sharing the Road: Drivers Must Respect Motorcyclists and Vice Versa

No matter what side of the spectrum you are on, there are numerous arguments regarding what most often causes significant accidents involving passenger vehicles and motorcycles. However, the two sides are usually arguing over one being more negligent than the other and have no respect for eathother.

Motorists typically say that motorcycle rider are reckless. They say motorcyclists are often speeding, riding in between traffic, and lane splitting.

Motorcyclists talk about motorists not checking blind spots, merging lanes without looking for motorcycles or indicating, and even speeding.

Unfortunately, many of these can be true in different circumstances, but the most effective way to keep everyone on the road safe is through one main thing: respect. Both parties must respect the other’s right to the road.

How to Stay Safe

For motorcyclists, it’s important to recognize when drivers may not recognize you or when certain conditions are not safe for you to pass. Giving enough room to the passenger vehicles and not creeping up to pass can help prevent serious collisions.

For motorists on the road, it’s imperative to check for blind spots and indicate when changing lanes. Don’t drive aggressively and recognize that it’s much more difficult to notice a motorcyclist than it is to notice another vehicle. If possible, give room to pass.

At Hare Wynn, we encourage everyone on the road to respect each other and act in a manner that prevents significant collisions from occurring. As such, catastrophic injuries can be avoided.

Failure to do so can be considered negligence and the party responsible for the accident may be held accountable for the injuries sustained in the accident. This requires the help of a skilled motorcycle accident attorney to explain the process and pursue compensation.

With our firm on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’re putting your best interests first, working to keep your rights to compensation protected.

Call today to speak with an attorney about your potential lawsuit.

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