Safety Tips for Traveling During Holiday Season

Holiday season is the time of the year when a large number of people travel. More than a 100 million Americans traveled during the last week of 2017 alone. Of these, nearly 97 million traveled by road. This means that there’s a lot more traffic on the roads and more congestion at airports, as well bus and train stations during the holidays. As a result, car accident attorneys in Birmingham see many holiday traffic accidents every year.

You naturally will to face some travel hassles this holiday season. However, you can stay safe and keep the travel headache to a minimum by following a few simple safety tips.

Be Prepared for Delays

The road traffic is the highest during the holiday season. So you should prepare yourself for delays, traffic jams and a lower average mileage per hour. These are all simply a result of the fact that there are a lot more vehicles on the road than usual. Plan your road trips during the holiday season with the expected delays in mind. This will save you from the need to speed or drive recklessly.

Book an Early Flight

Most holiday season travelers book a flight late in the day. However, most flights later in the day have to arrive from somewhere – and they are very likely to be delayed. If you are taking a flight for holiday traveling, booking one at 4 a.m. has a much better chance of being on time than a flight at, say, 10 a.m. For an early-morning flight, chances are that the plane had already reached the airport sometime in the night. So you may be able to avoid the hassle of flight delays.

Drive Early in the Day

If you want to avoid the traffic rush when traveling on the road, try to travel in early morning. This is the time when the traffic is lighter and the morning commute has not yet begun. You may also want to avoid traveling through major cities. If you must, you may want to  schedule it so that you reach the city after the morning commute has ended. This will save you from major delays and help you drive with more peace of mind.

Check Your Car

Before you hit the road for that long trip, it is critically important to check the vital components of your car. These include the battery, tires, brakes and engine. You can also ask a mechanic to take a quick look at these areas and make sure everything is in proper order. If your car breaks down on the road, this can be a major hassle. If a vital components such as brakes stop working, or a tire blows out, you also run the risk of an accident. A little effort before your holiday traveling can save you a lot of unpleasantness down the road.

Schedule Smart Stops

If you are traveling by car, it is important to plan stops along the way. Typically, you should have a stop every two hours or 100 miles. This keeps you from getting drowsy and risking an accident. However, stops don’t need to be boring. You can plan the stops in advance and use them to check out a new spot, visit a friend, or do something productive.

Watch the Weather

The weather is an important factor to consider when you are traveling during the holiday season. If you are on the road, heavy snow or a winter storm can leave you stranded or upset your plans otherwise. If you have a flight booked, you may face long delays. In both cases, you can avoid disappointment by paying attention to weather warnings. This will also help you stay safe and plan ahead.

How Can Our Birmingham Car Accident Attorneys Help You?

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