Driving Safety Tips for the Winter Season

From fun winter sports, activities and the possibility of snow, winters have plenty of fun to offer. However, the season also comes with its risks and hassles. The most notable among these are the much-dreaded driving conditions that can lead to a winter car crash. Slippery roads, inclement weather, and winter storms can make driving a trying experience. These circumstances also account for nearly 500,000 car crashes every year, causing more than 2,000 fatalities.

Of the nearly 1,235,000 weather- crashes that take place in United States every year, more than 40% happen in winter conditions. This is why it is important to take precautions when driving in the winter months. Here are some helpful driving tips:

Keep Survival Items in Your Car

If your car breaks down during the winter season, a blanket can be a life-saver. Other survival gear may include non-perishable food, medication and a flashlight. However, if you want to go with the bare essentials, warm clothing or blankets are a must. These will serve you well if you have car trouble or are involved in an accident.

The winter survival kit for your car should also include an ice scraper and a shovel. If your car is stuck because of the ice on the road, a scraper and a shovel are a necessity.

Maintain a Decent Fuel Level

During the cold weather, make sure you have adequate fuel in your car at all times. If you get stuck or stranded, fuel in your tank will let you keep the engine running and stay warm inside the car. It also prevents the buildup of vapors in the car.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

The saying ‘prevention is better than a cure’ certainly applies to winter driving. Simply by tuning into the latest weather forecast and keeping an eye on the upcoming weather conditions, you can avoid being stuck in the middle of a winter storm or severe snow or sleet. You can also keep track of the local road conditions to know which routes are the safest on a particular day. However, it is important not to check updates on your phone while driving. If you need to check the forecast or local updates, park in a safe place first.

Drive Smart

You may be an excellent driver but winter conditions require you to take extra precautions. Make sure you accelerate and decelerate slowly so as not to skid on the ice. It is important to drive slowly and learn how to apply brakes to avoid skidding and slipping. Be extra careful on inclined roads. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles so that if you lose control of the car’s motion, or if the same happens to the other driver, you can get control of your vehicle in time.

Share Your Travel Schedule with Others

This is particularly important when you are taking long-distance trips in the winter. Share your destination, route, departure time and the expected time of arrival with a friend or loved one.

Stay with Your Vehicle

If you are stuck in a winter storm, it is always a good idea to stay with your vehicle. Venturing outside in a severe storm may cause you to lose sight of the vehicle and get lost. Also, you may miss the responders when they reach your vehicle to help. However, it is important to check your exhaust pipe and ensure that it is not clogged. A clogged pipe can cause carbon monoxide to leak into the car’s interior, causing a serious risk to your life.

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Birmingham Alabama For Your Winter Car Crash Case

Despite the best of your efforts, you may be involved in a winter car crash. Determining fault in a crash may be difficult. This is where an attorney may be able to help. If the crash was the fault of the other driver, you may be able to recover compensatory damages.

At Hare | Wynn, our Birmingham AL personal injury attorneys have extensive experience of handling a winter car crash case. We understand how weather and road conditions can play a central role in such crashes. If you are involved in a car crash during the winter, give us a call today and book a FREE consultation to discuss your case with our attorneys.

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