Alabama Jury Awards Record $9 Million in Medical Malpractice Case

An Alabama jury has recently awarded $9 million in medical malpractice case. This is the highest ever amount awarded in any medical malpractice case in the Lee County to date.

The malpractice case pertains to Hope Johnson who died from medical malpractice and negligence in December, 2014. Hope had been experiencing difficulty in breathing and visited the Auburn Urgent Care. The doctor who examined her prescribed an antibiotic. However, the antibiotic failed to resolve the problem and Hope’s symptoms only grew worse. She returned to the medical care facility two days later. This time, she was given an inhaler. She died the next day.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the doctor on duty during her second visit was negligent. Being new on duty, the doctor didn’t have access to Hope’s past medical records. So he made an uninformed decision which ultimately resulted in her wrongful death.

The surviving family of Hope Johnson filed a wrongful death medical malpractice case against the Auburn Urgent Care. The case had been litigated for several years and a jury has finally returned a verdict. The $9 million verdict is seen as a confirmation of the sheer negligence practiced by the healthcare facility in question.

Johnson’s family has released a statement in the wake of the decision. As per this statement, the family hopes that this verdict will set an example, forcing healthcare facilities to be more diligent in tending to their patients.

Unlike many other states, Alabama has set no cap on the amount of compensatory damages in medical malpractice cases. This means that a jury can award any maximum amount to the plaintiff if the defendant’s negligence is proved. This is certainly a factor that has played its role in the $9 million verdict awarded in this case.

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