5 Common Causes of Personal Injuries During Holidays

Winter holidays are a season of fun and festivity.  However, holidays are also the time of the year when the rate of personal injuries is the highest. The following are some of the most common causes of personal injuries during the holiday season:

Fire Accidents

Fire accidents are very common during the holiday season. Nearly 50 percent of the house fires across United States take place between November and March. The highest number of fires is recorded on specific holidays like Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving Day.

Common causes of personal injuries during this time of year are holiday fires. This includes cooking accidents, hazards involving open flame, and heating equipment accidents. Electrical malfunctions are also one of the most common culprits in causing house fires. The unsafe use of lighting on Christmas trees can often result in igniting the tree when the lights are lit. Similarly, festive use of candles can also start fires if not handled carefully.

Ice-Related Accidents

Winter, snow and ice are almost synonymous with the holiday season. And while they certainly add to the unique festive feel of the winter holidays, they can also pose a hazard. With frozen ice dotting the roads and streets, slip-and-fall accidents are common.

According to an estimate, nearly 30,000 people sought medical treatment after injuries caused by slipping on ice in the 2016 – 2017 holiday season. The first ice hazard you may face when you head out is the ice in your driveway and just outside your home. You can use sand or various ice melt products to create a safe walking path to your car.

Decoration Accidents

Many holiday accidents happen when decorating the home for Christmas. Christmas decorations typically involve putting up a tree, decorating it and ultimately taking it down. All of this involves considerable physical effort and labor. Many people underestimate the weight of a tree when trying to move it around or put it up. Lifting the heavy Christmas tree carelessly can cause a strain to your spine and shoulders. You may even slip and fall under the weight of the tree and sustain a more serious injury.

Decorating the Christmas tree also poses a different set of hazards. You will typically use a ladder to reach the top of the tree. In the 2016 – 2017 holiday season alone, nearly 12,000 people were injured after falling off a ladder during Christmas tree decorations. In addition, the items used in decorating Christmas tree, such as glass orbs, may fall and cause personal injuries. Sharp, breakable or heavy objects used in decorations are a serious hazard.

Driving Accidents

One of the leading common causes of personal injuries during the holiday season is road accidents. Road traffic peaks during the holiday season. AAA’s 2018 forecasts estimated that nearly 102 million Americans travel during the holidays. With millions of Americans on the road, there is more congestion and the risk accidents is higher. The highest number of road crashes and injuries occur on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Alcohol Impairment

Most of us consume more alcohol than usual during the holiday season. While this may be a part of the occasion’s festivity, it also creates many risks. More than 30% of road fatalities during the holiday season are caused by drunk driving and alcohol impairment.

How Can an Injury Lawyer in Birmingham, AL Help You?

If you are injured by one of these common causes of personal injuries during this holiday season, you can seek compensatory damages for your losses when they are the fault of another person or entity.

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