Top Things New Motorcycle Riders Should Know

There is no question that riding a motorbike is a great feeling. The noise, the wind blowing in your face, the speed, and that strong, macho feeling is all understandably seductive. But it is important for young drivers to understand that driving a motorcycle is not just fun and games. In fact, motorcycles have a much more serious side. Each year in the US, about 4,000 motorcyclists die and close to 80,000 suffer various injuries. Many are so severely injured that they end up with a long-term and/or permanent disability. That is why it is important for young drivers to take this aspect of their life seriously and to ensure that nobody gets injured in the process. Here are some top things that new motorcycle riders should be aware of.

  1. No protection: Unlike a car, a motorcyclist has no protection in the event of an accident. Even a minor bump can cause a slide or  fall. Except for the helmet and the garments one is wearing, there is nothing to stop the driver from being impaled, crushed or severely injured when they hit the ground. Remember, motorcycles are not always visible to other drivers, and it is vital that you keep out of the blind zone. If you don’t, and an accident occurs, the chances are that you will end up with more injuries.
  1. Riding at night: Many motorcycle accidents occur at night chiefly because the rider is not seen in time by the other motor vehicle drivers. Plus, night driving is more dangerous for the rider who fails to wear light reflecting gear. Finally, when riding a motorbike at night, one may miss a pothole, debris, or an oil spill, which can result in an accident.
  1. Lack of training: If this is your first bike, the best advice is to get some training on how to ride a motorbike safely. There are many programs that teach the basics of not only riding a motorbike safely but what to anticipate on the roads. And many insurance companies offer discounts to motorcyclists who are in the process of or completed the toast altogether.
  1. Fascination with bigger bikes: Most people want a bigger bike that makes a lot of noise and is fast. Unfortunately, this also comes with real hazards for beginners. Handling big motorbike requires experience and the bigger the bike, the harder the fall. Therefore, new motorcyclists should start small, learn the nuances of riding a small motorbike, and then slowly progress upwards. Remember, even a smaller motorbike is a powerful machine.
  1. Lack of protective gear:: No matter how slow or safe you are, falling off a bike can result in serious injuries including head trauma, skin lacerations, abdomen, and pelvic injuries, and facial trauma. A good helmet, proper boots, long pants, and jacket are necessary for new motorcycle riders so that they can be safe in the event of an accident .
  1. Group riding on roads: Solo riding is fun, but if something happens, you have no one to help you. In most cases of motorcycle accidents, the injuries are so serious that the rider has no way of calling for help. And in many cases, the car driver often disappears. So when possible ride in groups. Today, many motorbike riders have online groups where one can connect with other riders in their area. Plus when you ride in a group, you are less likely to be targeted by other drivers.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer at Hare, Wynn, Newell and Newton LLP. We have a team of lawyers who understand the risks associated with motorcycle riding and will outline the next course of action based on the details of your case. Young drivers are overall riskier than others, and the risk multiplies when they drive a vehicle such as a motorcycle. It is important to monitor them and also to ensure that everything is well-documented from their side.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment with our motorcycle accident lawyer. If you are someone who was hit by a motorcyclist and needs assistance in getting compensation, our lawyers can help you as well. Young drivers all over the country are considered high-risk because they tend to be involved in an accident quite often. The above-mentioned tips are necessary for new motorcycle riders so that they know what they’re getting into and what is expected of them. The importance of safe driving practices and proper riding gear cannot be emphasized enough. Call our motorcycle accident lawyers for any guide or assistance regarding motorcycle accidents.

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