Working While Coping with Trauma

Because of the lasting impacts of trauma, one of the issues that survivors may encounter is how to work while dealing with the associated conditions. Trauma, anxiety, fear, and more can make it difficult to be effective at work. However, there are numerous things to understand about working while dealing with PTSD.

The symptoms may be severe, but knowing how to cope can make it easier to overcome. If you are dealing with trauma, here are some things you may want to understand about working and how to make it a better situation.


There are many situations that can make working difficult while coping with trauma:

  • Derealization may cause you to feel disconnected from work as a whole. You may avoid spending time with people or feeling distracted from your work. This can cause problems regarding work relationships.
  • The impact of trauma can keep you from participating in certain work events that you may have once enjoyed. This is a noticeable challenge to overcome, especially when it impacts friendships or the manner in which you perform your tasks.
  • If you’re working in an area where a lot of people are present, you may feel anxiety or uneasy. It’s possible that communication can be impacted by this.

One of the ways to help with the effects of trauma while at work would be to identify the symptoms you’re experiencing. Also, discussing your triggers or concerns with those around you can help alleviate some of the anxiety you may be experiencing. Your co-workers are most likely supportive of you and want to make returning to work as easy as possible.

Trauma is one of the most impactful things someone can experience, affecting all areas of the survivor’s life. Overcoming the symptoms and coping with trauma isn’t easy, but with the right treatment and the right support system, it is possible.

Be sure you know the best ways to cope with trauma, as well as causes and symptoms so you know what it takes to move forward with your life.

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