Why Do Car Accidents Happen More Frequently in the Summer?

Now that summer is here, Americans throughout the country are taking advantage of the warmer weather and longer days to enjoy the outdoors or go on vacation. However, car accidents occur more frequently during the summertime compared to any other time of year.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the most dangerous times of year on U.S. roads are during the summer and early fall. August and September are considered peak months for car crashes, based on a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The following are the common dangers when it comes to summer driving:

  • More teenagers on the road – Since classes are out for the summer break, there are more high school and college students behind the wheel. Because of their inexperience and tendency to text while driving, teen drivers are more prone to be involved in accidents. Teenagers are more likely to be involved in car crashes than any other age group.
  • More vacationers on the road – Summertime means vacations, resulting in congestion due to more people on the roads. Additionally, vacationers are less familiar with the area and tend to drive slower than residents, resulting in more traffic jams.
  • Increased construction – Road maintenance peaks during the hot summer months, since construction crews are trying to get as much done as possible before winter arrives. Not only does construction pose a hazard in and of itself, but it also causes more congestion on the road because of more closed traffic lanes, detours, and other temporary changes to ordinary road conditions.
  • More bicycles and motorcycles on the road – Now that the weather is warmer, many people will spend more time riding bicycles and motorcycles. Not only do they add to congestion, cyclists and motorcyclists can be unpredictable, resulting in more accidents.
  • Car problems – The heat can cause many problems to motor vehicles. For instance, hot weather causes the air inside your tires to expand, which can cause a blowout and subsequently an accident. Furthermore, the chances of your engine overheating increases since you rely on your air conditioning system to keep you cool.
  • Road rage – Dehydration from the high temperatures can lead to impairment, which can then result in road rage or reckless driving.

So the next time you hit the road, consider all of the potential dangers mentioned above to have a safe and injury-free summer. Keep your eyes on the road at all times and drive more cautiously than usual this time of year.

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