Who Is Responsible for Cerebral Palsy?

In matters of cerebral palsy, one of the most difficult things for a family is enduring such a difficult situation while also having to consider what legal options may exist. See, cerebral palsy may often be the result of someone’s negligence, and it’s important to understand who.

Babies are often left dealing with the difficulties of cerebral palsy and parents may have to absorb the everlasting costs associated with lifelong care. However, knowing who is responsible for the birth injury can help you seek compensation and justice.


In the healthcare industry, it’s very important for doctors to ensure that their patients are safe. This includes obstetricians and nurses who care for a pregnant woman and the fetus. Without proper care, there may be problems that can arise.

These are some of the individuals who may be responsible for the cerebral palsy:

  • An obstetrician may be held accountable for various actions should the baby develop cerebral palsy. For instance, if they don’t monitor fetal heart rate during pregnancy or labor, the doctor may not identify a lack of oxygen. The delivering doctor may also be accountable if their actions during labor and delivery cause head trauma.
  • Nurses may also be negligent if they fail to identify when it’s time for the birth or any problems that may arise during labor.

Some potential causes of brain trauma may be the improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors, and other issues during delivery. However, most of the incidents involving cerebral palsy occur during the pregnancy phase.


If negligence played a factor in the cause of cerebral palsy, it’s important for the family to fully understand what rights and options may be available to them. Having the help of a skilled and experienced birth injury attorney can help.

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