What Are the Different Ways Motorcyclists Are At Risk On the Road?

Far too often, you hear about the different dangers on the road—drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and more. While these are certainly problematic and can cause accidents to all drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, there are at risk simply because motorists don’t pay the same attention to motorcyclists.

For all motorcyclists, recognizing the various risks on the road can help in numerous factors, including knowing how to stay safe, and for knowing what situations can cause significant injuries. These are some of the dangers of which you should be aware of.

Side Swipe Accidents

Motorcyclists are commonly at risk of sideswipe accidents because all it takes is for the driver to not pay attention to their blind spots. For a driver, causing a crash is as easy as not taking the additional action to turn and check a blind spot before changing lanes. This can result in the motorcyclist losing control and crashing into other vehicles.

Intersection Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often occur at intersections for numerous reasons, including speeding. These are the two most common scenarios in which motorcycle accidents occur at intersections:

  • When a motorcycle is attempting to turn left and the driver in the passenger vehicle attempts to speed up through the intersection, they can collide with the motorcycle
  • When the passenger vehicle tries to turn in a tight window and the motorcyclist crashes into the vehicle—this often causes the motorcyclist to become ejected from his or her motorcycle

Dangerous Road Conditions

Unlike passenger vehicles that have four tires and significantly more balance, motorcycles are susceptible to significant harm when dangerous road conditions exist. For instance, potholes that have not been properly repaired can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike, creating a serious collision even if no other vehicles are involved.

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