Veterans Day: Ways to Support Veterans

November means a lot of things to a lot of people. Some people are looking forward to this year’s presidential election. Others can’t wait to have their family over for Thanksgiving. But you don’t want to forget a very important holiday that also takes place in November.

November 11, 2020 is Veterans Day. This is the one day a year when we recognize those who have given their lives for others. Of course, this is something we should do every day. However, Veterans Day is the one day the whole country comes together to celebrate those who have served in the armed forces.

This year, it’s important that you do your part when it comes to supporting veterans in Birmingham, Alabama. Here, our experienced Birmingham attorneys will talk about a few ways you can make a difference. Most of these won’t cost you a dime. But they can make a huge difference in the lives of the veterans in your community.

Make Sure You Attend Local Parades and Ceremonies

Most small towns and even large cities have some sort of celebration on Veterans Day. Many local communities hold parades or special ceremonies. You may be invited to a local park where they give a small speech for those who have served in our military. Many veterans attend these events as well. Take the time to attend these events. It means the world to those who have sacrificed so much and it only takes an hour or two out of your life.

Visit a VA Hospital for a Few Hours

Even though we are not currently at war, that doesn’t mean there aren’t veterans suffering all over the country. Every day, hundreds of veterans are admitted to Veterans Hospitals for treatment for all sorts of ailments. Take a few hours out of your day and visit one of these hospitals. You can spend time talking to a vet and listening to their stories. Or, you may be able to volunteer to help take care of some of these honored men and women.

Fly Your Flag High

One thing that most of us already do for Veterans Day is fly our American flags. One thing you don’t want to do is fly your flag improperly. It sounds like common sense, but if you aren’t sure of the proper way to wave your flag, go online and watch a tutorial. There is a great one available at You want to respect the veterans around you. One good way to do this is to honor them by flying your American flag.

Donate if You Can

There are all sorts of organizations you can donate to this time of year. Many of them are committed to helping veterans. You don’t have to donate hundreds of dollars. Every dollar helps. For example, the Wounded Warriors project helps veterans who suffered traumatic injuries while serving their country. You can go online and make a small or large donation to this organization any time of year. You can even start your own fundraiser on social media and have the proceeds go to an organization that supports veterans.

Spend Time with a Veteran and Learn their Story

Many of us have veterans in our family that have served their country. Sadly, most of the men and women who served during World War II have left us. But there are still millions of people who have served our country in one of the armed forces. Find someone in your family who served their country and ask them to tell your story. If you don’t know anyone personally, reach out and find someone else who knows a veteran. Their stories are interesting, and it gives them meaning when you ask to hear their story. Hearing their story can also help change your life. It may give you a new perspective on what it means to sacrifice everything for other people. You may also learn a few things about yourself.

Volunteer this Veterans Day

You may live in a town that doesn’t have any sort of ceremonies or parades for local veterans. If this is the case, you can organize one yourself. Get together with a few of your neighbors and find out what it takes to make this happen. You can look into getting plaques created. You may be able to convince the city to dedicate a small space to hold the event. And, if this isn’t possible, you can always have your own small parade. Not only will it help you honor veterans but it will also help you honor yourself. Contact our experienced Birmingham attorneys for more information and advice on how to celebrate Veterans’ Day.

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