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In the event that another party is responsible for injuries sustained following an accident, then it is essential to take action as soon as possible in order to ensure your legal rights are protected. Consult an expert Trussville personal injury lawyer at the law firm of Hare, Wynn Newell & Newton. They offer a free consultation session for all their clients and they will expertly guide you on what to do to achieve the best results.

Each state has established its own statutes of limitations for personal injury cases. A statute of limitations is a statute that limits the time within which legal proceedings may be initiated after the occurrence of an event, in this case, an accident. Considering this fact, it is, therefore, crucial to ensure that you file the lawsuit within the shortest time possible in order to avoid losing your right to file the lawsuit completely. In order to ensure that you have a viable case, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional Trussville personal injury lawyer who’ll take into account your statement of how the accident happened and then advise you accordingly.

The Importance of Hiring a Trussville Personal Injury Lawyer

In case you or someone close to you has sustained injuries due to the negligence of another person, then you might be going through a hard financial time. In addition, you might be going through a lot of pain and pondering over whether your family will be able to settle the medical expenses, and how they will be affected by the accident in the long-run.

Considering that in such circumstances a lot is at risk, your most preferable course of action is acquiring expert legal representation. Lawyers at Hare, Wynn Newell & Newton have specialized in personal injury cases and they are ready and willing to examine your case. Our expert lawyers will increase your chances of being awarded the maximum compensation that you deserve.

What is the Cost of Hiring a Trussville Personal Injury Lawyer?

You don’t have to pay anything until your case has been won. We only deduct fees for our services from the settlement awarded if we manage to settle your case or secure a desirable verdict in court.

The Steps That You Should Take In Case You are Injured

Your initial and most crucial step should be seeking medical treatment as soon as possible. Call the emergency number 911, however, if you are unable to do so, request another person to inform the authorities. If you believe that the negligence of another party led to your injuries, urgently get in touch with Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton and get a free consultation.

When seeking medical treatment, ensure that you precisely follow your doctor’s advice. Be sure to attend every appointment or procedure as the insurer of the party at fault will find out if you fail to seek the necessary medical treatment. They will definitely use this as proof that your injuries weren’t that serious, hence, compromising your ability to seek to get maximum compensation.

Is Seeking Medical Attention Before Filing a Personal Injury Claim Necessary?

In most cases, our clients first get medical treatment before getting in touch with us. If for any reason you haven’t yet received medical treatment, then do so at your earliest convenience. It goes without saying that your health and wellbeing are what matters most in such moments. It will also be much easier for you to support your case, as your medical reports will provide enough evidence to prove the extent of your injuries.

If it happens that you or someone close to you is enduring pain, distress, and difficulties due to the injuries, then it makes a lot of sense to seek legal assistance. When it comes to pursuing a claim, you can not do it on your own, however, having an attorney on your side offers you more assurance of getting the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

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How Much is my Personal Injury Claim Worth?

How much your claim is worth is not always straightforward as it depends on a number of factors including, the type of insurance in place and the at-fault party. With this in mind, it is highly advisable that you contact us in order to go over your case in detail.

In case you choose to proceed with us, then our team will work carefully to ensure that your case is evaluated exhaustively. In addition, we will examine all the various aspects of your case and in collaboration with external experts, we will determine the value of your case.

What Types of Damages are Paid for in a Personal Injury Case?

If you aren’t familiar with personal injury lingo, then the term “damages” is used in reference to the compensation that you should be awarded. As an example, you might be entitled to compensatory damages for medical expenses, lost wages and salaries, and other types of monetary losses. On a few occasions, you might be entitled to punitive damages. These are types of damages that are paid to the affected party to punish the at-fault party for their recklessness and discourage the public from repeating such offenses.

When Should you Hire a Trussville Injury Attorney?

You should always get in touch with a lawyer as early as possible. Preferably, you want to commence investigations while the evidence is still fresh. Moreover, keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations. If you take too long to take legal action them you may completely lose your right to pursue the claim.

Important Information That you Should Provide to Your Trussville Personal Injury Lawyer

In order to make it more convenient for you and your lawyer during the course of your claim, you should gather as much evidence as you can. Therefore, ensure that you take as many photos and videos of the accident scene and your injuries. Remember to capture the damages inflicted on the vehicles involved and any skid marks on the road. In case you were harmed by a pet, then you should take pictures of the animal. However, you should only do so if you without further endangering your safety.

You need to collect the names and contacts of the witnesses present at the accident scene. For car accidents, ensure that you get the details of the other drivers and passengers. During the period following the accident, you will need to preserve all receipts and documents from any medical services you’ve received, for example, ambulance fees, medical bills, and medication expenses. Remember to keep a record of any time spent out of the work due to the injuries. Also, it is very wise to have a journal that details the impact the accident has had on your life. Provide a description of the pain endured on each particular day.

How is Negligence Defined According to Alabama Law?

Negligence is a core aspect of personal injury cases. Negligence is identified when an individual is harmed due to another party’s failure to exercise proper care as expected in certain circumstances. For example, if an individual chooses to text while driving or an individual who drives while under the influence of drugs and eventually leads to an accident can be sued for negligence.

In addition to the above examples, there are numerous other cases in which acts of negligence can be identified including, medical malpractice, slip, and fall accidents, abuse, lack of proper care by nursing care providers amongst others.

What if One is Found Partially at Fault in an Accident?

Legislation around personal injury cases varies from one state to the next. Alabama applies the contributory negligence law to personal injury cases. Essentially, what this means is that if you were partially at fault in an accident, then you don’t have a legal right to recover damages. It is, therefore, very important to ensure that you have the assistance of a lawyer as the opposing party is highly likely to use this as evidence to try and avoid liability.

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How Long Will a Personal Injury Claim Take?

Even though in most circumstances cases are usually settled within a few months, in select circumstances, these cases can drag on for years. How long your case will take depends on factors such as the nature of your injuries and if the insurer is ready and willing to pay. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your claim, we might find it fit to file a lawsuit and take your case to trial.

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