Top 5 Reasons for Slip and Falls in Winter

Once the cold weather hits and rain and snow start to fall, even the simplest of tasks can become much more difficult. With the weather conditions, even walking is difficult without the concern of a possible slip and fall. Our team of slip and fall lawyers understands how difficult this can be and by understanding the top reasons that these types of accident occur, you can work to keep yourself safe and prevent falling victim.


Whether you’re walking on the street or you are climbing steps to a public building, if rain has fallen and the floor is wet, it could be potential for danger. Depending on the situation, there may be negligence in play, such as failure to warn the public of the wet surface. In these cases, and if someone gets injured, there may be legal options available to the victim.


Have you ever heard of the term black ice? Do you know how dangerous it is to vehicles on the road? Well, it’s also a danger to pedestrians and can cause a slip and fall to occur. Some cities are supposed to take proper care of the ice on the ground to prevent accidents from happening.


In some cases, there are multiple distractions from various signs or storefronts. This can prevent individuals from watching their footing, leading to slips and falls outside of the buildings.


When you enter someone else’s property and the surface is not maintained properly, water or snow can make it even more difficult to deal with. This means there are chances that there can be a slip and fall, leading to a serious injury, especially if the danger is covered by snow or by excessive water.


In some situations, shoes or other footwear may not have the proper grip to create traction and prevent problems. Without the proper grip, the individual can slip and fall, causing serious injury to the victim.

No matter the cause, if negligence is involved in a slip and fall collision, it can lead to legal action and the victim may seek compensation from the responsible party. At Hare Wynn, we protect the rights of victims and work hard to help them get the results they need.

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