Top 3 Reasons Trucking Companies Should Perform Maintenance

We see large trucks on the road all the time. These commercial vehicles are used to transport many goods and while they are often necessary, it’s important for companies to ensure they are safe. While there are many regulations that must be followed, one of the most important things trucking companies can do is perform proper maintenance on the trucks. This ensures that any potential problems are fixed and issues are handled prior to the truck going out for its destination.

Here are the top three reasons trucks should be maintained by the trucking companies.


When parts on a truck are worn, it can cause serious danger if they go out for transport. For instance, if the brakes are worn and not changed, it may prevent the truck from stopping when necessary to avoid a crash. Also, if tow hitches or other parts are not maintained, it may lead to the trailer coming loose. Maintenance is also important for tires and the engine to ensure everything is working properly.


Even if an accident is not the result, maintaining a truck properly is essential to improve overall safety. Maintenance ensures that all parts of a truck are checked. It should be done before each trip as even the smallest wear can prevent dangers.


Large trucks, especially those with refrigerated trailers, have a high potential for breaking down. When they break down in the middle of the road, they may not be directly responsible for an accident, but the risk increases because of other drivers around. Maintenance keeps trucks running to the optimal performance levels.

At Hare Wynn, our trucking accident lawyers know how serious it can be when a truck is not properly maintained. The end results can lead to serious injuries. We work hard to represent injured individuals as they seek compensation for the damages they have sustained. If proper maintenance is not performed, the trucking company may be considered liable for any damages sustained.

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