The Potential for Wrongful Death In Pedestrian Accidents

Nobody wants to believe that they can be in serious danger when walking down the sidewalk; however, pedestrian accidents are far more common than we think. These often result in serious injuries, or worse—wrongful death.

There are several reasons a wrongful death can occur following a pedestrian accident, and for those walking the sidewalks, it’s important to recognize the potential dangers. For those who have lost loved ones as a result of a pedestrian accident, know that you have the rights to hold individuals accountable for their actions.


In nearly all situations involving pedestrian accidents, it is the pedestrian who is susceptible to the most catastrophic injuries or fatal injuries. This is because they have no protection from the elements involved, including the high rate of speed of the vehicle, its large size, and the way in which the accident can occur.

Pedestrians can suffer serious internal damage, including bleeding, trauma to the brain, and more, all resulting from the impact with the vehicle and the potential impact with the ground. These can be fatal injuries when not treated, or if the accident is severe enough.


More often than not, pedestrian accidents are the result of driver negligence. For instance, if a pedestrian is legally crossing the road and the driver is distracted and ignores their red light, they can strike anyone in the crosswalk.

Similarly, drivers who may be drunk or tired and swerving may jump a curb and pedestrians on the sidewalk are at serious risk of danger. When a driver is negligent in their actions, they should be held fully accountable for the injuries they cause the pedestrian.

Our wrongful death attorneys understand how difficult it can be to think about legal action while grieving the loss of a loved one. However, it is important to recognize the justice that can be obtained by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party.

At Hare Wynn, we can explain what rights you have to move forward and how you can pursue compensation in the most effective way possible. Let us help protect your rights and guide you through the process from start to finish.

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