The Role of Corporate Negligence in Truck Accidents

It’s easy to blame truck drivers for all manner of road-related sins, from driving fatigued or drunk to texting on the job. While some truckers do exhibit reckless behavior that can lead to tragic accidents, there are many cases where the trucking company actually deserves the lion’s share of the blame – as well as the legal and financial responsibility for your injuries.

Although it can be difficult to root out the negligent party in a complex truck accident case, our attorneys here at Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP are always up to the task. We’ve taken on national trucking companies and smaller operations alike, and as passionate and experienced trial lawyers, we have the resources to see your case through until the end. If corporate negligence played a role in your truck accident injuries, we’ll strive to hold the company accountable!

When Is the Trucking Company Liable for Injuries?

From coercing hours violations to ignoring mandatory maintenance checks, trucking companies often fail to exercise their legal “duty of care” towards truckers and other motorists, making them liable when major accidents happen. In 2017, a comprehensive USA Today investigation into port trucking practices illustrated how widespread this problem has become. After interviewing hundreds of truckers and examining relevant court documents, investigators found that many drivers are forced to work up to 20 consecutive hours on pain of termination: A clear violation of federal labor and safety standards.

To make matters worse, the American trucking industry is also grappling with a serious shortage of qualified drivers. It’s estimated that truck companies are currently short by around 60,000 workers across the board – which means that existing workers are being pushed to the limits of human endurance, and tasked with meeting unreasonable deadlines. That means higher accident risks for everyone on the road, including the truck drivers themselves.

Here are some of the ways truck companies could be considered responsible for causing an accident:

  • Coercing drivers to lie about their hours, leading to dangerous fatigue levels
  • Failing to perform appropriate background checks on employees
  • Withholding pay for drivers who refuse to work past federal hour limits
  • Failing to perform regular maintenance checks on fleet trucks
  • Failing to provide proper training programs for new truck drivers
  • Falsifying truck maintenance checks and hiding faulty equipment

Holding Companies Accountable

Not every personal injury law firm has the skillset to take on a national trucking company with vast resources, but at Hare Wynn, we can act as your most dedicated advocates in such cases. With 125 combined years spent working on behalf of accident victims, we know how to get to the bottom of your case and determine if fault lies with the driver or the trucking company. No matter who was responsible for your injuries, we’re committed to getting the recovery that you deserve in the wake of major injuries.

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