Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP Obtains $11 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Case

In a tragic drunk driving crash, two young men, John Reynolds and Tommy Rivers, were unfortunate victims due to the negligence and misconduct of driver Hector Botello, Jr. Our legal team was tenacious in our pursuit of justice on behalf of these young men. Botello, Jr. was employed by Sage Enviro Tech, LTD when he crossed the Interstate 20 median, causing the deadly crash. Despite his history of alcohol abuse, Botello was still hired as a driver by the company.

Attorney Jamie Moncus had this to say on the matter: “A simple background check could have prevented such a tragedy. We recently marked the third Christmas that the families of John Reynolds and Tommy Rivers were without their husbands and fathers, all because of a company’s failure to be careful in hiring drivers. It is our hope that this settlement provides needed support to families whose loved ones were taken from them far too soon.”

Botello, previously convicted of a DWI, walked away from the crash with minimal, non-life threatening injuries. Our team was able to reach an $11 million settlement with Sage Enviro Tech.

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