How to Recover Compensation in a Birmingham Uber Accident

Recent studies show that the number of fatal automobile accidents increased after the launch of such popular ridesharing services as Lyft and Uber. According to Business Insider, these statistics were at record lows before these services gained more popularity and participation. If you have been injured in a Birmingham Uber accident, then you are more than likely interested in restoring losses and recovering compensation. The question is, “How?”

Contact the Police Immediately After Your Birmingham Uber Accident

The first step that you should take after every automobile accident regardless of circumstance is report it to the police. When you discuss your case with an experienced Birmingham Uber accident attorney, your attorney will be able to gain access to police reports and statements related to your case.

Be mindful of what you say and how you respond to the questions asked. In addition to the other drivers and passengers involved, the police officers will have plenty of questions to ask you to make sure their bases are covered. You need to make sure that your bases are covered by exercising caution and consideration when responding.

Document as Much as You Can ASAP

Another helpful tip to recover compensation in an Uber accident is to document as much as you can as soon as possible. The police officer(s) dispatched to the scene of the accident will document a lot on their own. However, they will be unable to document everything – which is why it is important for you to have your own record.

In addition, having your own notes of the experience will keep it fresh on your mind and not allow any detail to slip through the cracks. To recover compensation, you will need to have this type of documentation to help prove your case.

Please remember that time is not on your side when it comes to your mental recollection of the accident. Your memories of pertinent details from the moment of impact and aftermath will fade. That is why it is crucial for you to retain legal representation and bring your car accident lawyer into the loop without delay.

Get Your Phone Out & Start Taking Pictures

In addition to documented details, you should also create a growing collection of photos. Thanks to the popularity and prevalence of smartphone cameras, you more than likely have more than enough equipment to start taking pictures right away. What should you capture on camera? Use the list below as a guideline:

  • Property Damage: Take quality photos of the property damage done – including the vehicular damage and anything else damaged by the accident (i.e. light poles, street signs, etc.)
  • Physical Injuries: You need to take progressive photos of your physical injuries. It is imperative to take pictures of your injuries on Day 1 to see the initial appearance after the moment of impact. Yet, you should also take photos of your injuries over time. For instance, you may not have hardly any signs of bruising on the day of the accident for one reason or another. However, that may not be the case the next day. Even if your injuries are clear on Day 1, they will change in appearance and condition over time as your body heals. Maintaining a “photo journal” of sorts will help you to document that aspect of your journey to recovery as well.
  • Witnesses & Other Passengers: It is also recommended to take pictures of the other passengers and eyewitnesses of the accident. This will serve as a good memory jogger for you when explaining the accident to your car accident lawyer. More importantly, they will help your lawyer to fortify your legal case and familiarize themselves with the key players behind the scenes.

Contact Uber Immediately, Do Not Wait for the Driver

The common misconception is that you should leave the task of contacting Uber to the Uber driver. However, each time that you step into an Uber vehicle as an active fare, you are protected by certain rules and regulations enforced by the company. For instance, Uber has a $1 million insurance policy in place to cover and restore losses from active fare accidents. You can get more information about how to collect from the policy once you contact Uber and report the incident.

Allow Your Birmingham Uber Accident Attorney to Work

You may be eager to take matters into your hands and expedite the timeline of events without hesitation. The opposing counsel and insurance companies will undoubtedly want the same thing – which is why they may bombard you with phone calls, scheduled visits and settlement offers. It would be in your best interest to trust in the expertise and guidance of your car accident lawyer in Birmingham, AL every step of the way. Doing so will give you the best possible chance of getting the justice that you and your family deserves.

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