The idea behind Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants was to design a hip that would last longer than ceramic, plastic, cement and other prior materials used to manufacture prosthetic hip implant devices.  However, most of the devices were not fully tested and various defects in their design and manufacturing have led to early failure of the hip implants. The metal-on-metal friction can lead to corrosion and fretting, which means small metal particles flake off into patients’ bloodstreams and tissues surrounding the hip implant. Other problems with these defective metal-on-metal hip implants include hip ball joint loosening and dislocation, clicking and popping sounds, crunching sensations, severe chronic pain and trouble with mobility, bone death, severe infections, tissue death and pseudo-tumor formation. Patients experiencing these problems often undergo very serious revision surgery to remove and replace the defective Metal-on-Metal hip implant, which places the patient at higher risk of complications, longer hospitalizations and recovery time.

Hare Wynn is currently pursuing litigation involving the following Metal-on-Metal hip implant devices:

  • DEPUY ASR Hip System – FDA Approved August 2005, Recalled August 2010
  • DEPUY PINNACLE Metal-On-Metal Hip System – FDA Approved 2000, Has not been recalled
  • SMITH & NEPHEW R3 ACETABULAR CUP – FDA Approved March 2008, Recalled June 2012
  • STRYKER REJUVENATE MODULAR Hip System – FDA Approved June 2008, Recalled July 2012
  • STRYKER ABG II MODULAR NECK STEM – FDA Approved November 2009, Recalled July 2012
  • WRIGHT CONSERVE Total A-Class Hip System – FDA Approved 2003, Has not been recalled
  • ZIMMER DUROM CUP – FDA Approved 2006, Has not been recalled
  • WRIGHT LINEAGE Acetabular System Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant – FDA Approved August 31, 2000
  • WRIGHT DYNASTY Acetabular System Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant – FDA Approved March 6, 2009
  • WRIGHT PROFEMUR Modular Neck Fractures (Hip Implant Devices) – FDA Approved December 13, 2000
  • WRIGHT/MICROPORT PROFEMUR Modular Neck Fractures (Hip Implant Devices) – FDA Approved April 25, 2009 – Recall of some units on 08/07/2015

If you or a loved one have experienced pain or other problems with your Metal-on-Metal hip, you may qualify for this litigation. We are evaluating claims at this time and wish to hear from you. If you believe you may have a potential claim, please contact us by clicking here.