We are accepting cases where there has been a fracture of the strut-like legs of the device (inferior vena cava filters, or IVC filters) which leads to migration, perforation, or embolization. These complications cause damage to the surrounding arteries and veins and sometimes to major organs. Many have suffered from blood clots caused by the migration of the failed IVC filter device particles. Severe cases involve migration of the broken strut particles, which travel through the bloodstream and lodge into major arteries or major organs.

Fracture IVC filter devices require surgical removal, which can be extremely risky and even life-threatening to the client, depending on the location of the fractured particles.

We are currently accepting cases involving these IVC filter devices:

  • Bard Recovery
  • Bard G2 (Generation 2) IVC Filter
  • Cook Celect IVC Filter
  • Günther Tulip IVC Filter

If you believe you may have a case for an IVC filter lawsuit, please contact an attorney for a complimentary case evaluation.