Products liability involves an area of the law where individuals seek damages for injuries or death caused by defective and unreasonably dangerous products. These products range from those for personal use (automobiles, airplanes, motor craft, ladders, car seats, prescription drugs, and medical devices) to industrial equipment, as well as products found in the home. These cases require a thorough investigation and often the utilization of numerous experts in highly specialized technical fields of expertise. Hare Wynn attorneys have handled several noteworthy and groundbreaking products liability cases – both in state and federal courts.

Household and commercial products are assumed to be safe for anticipated uses under normal conditions. Some products, however, are found to be unreasonably dangerous products, either due to an engineering defect or a manufacturing defect. In those cases, not only does the person who has been injured by the dangerous product need to be compensated, but the company making the product either needs to recall and fix the dangerously defective products or pull the product off the market entirely.

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