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If you were (are) involved in an accident and sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence, it would be wise to take legal action as soon as possible while the case is still valid. Since you might still be confused over what happened, a good Pleasant Grove personal injury lawyer can help ensure your legal rights are not only protected but also get compensation for the same. Contact Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton attorneys for expert representation in Pleasant Grove.

Statutes of limitations for personal injury cases vary from one state to another. A statute of limitations can also be defined as the time within which one can file or sue someone for an offense committed against them, an accident in this case. It is therefore crucial that you submit the lawsuit within the specified time, and if possible, as soon as it happens. This reduces the risk of losing your right to file the case.

Although anyone can file a lawsuit, it’s advisable to have someone that understands the law of the land well by your side, a reputable lawyer in this case. A professional personal injury lawyer is the person to go to for help. The lawyer will take your statement of what happened then show you the way forward.

Benefits of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer in Pleasant Grove

If you or someone you love sustained an injury or injuries due to another person’s negligence, acquiring professional legal representation is your best chance of getting justice and fair compensation. Among other reasons, the injuries need to be attended to (which puts you through a financial hard-time) the pain, medical expenses, and even the risk of losing an income is simply too much for many people.

The offender or even insurance companies might take advantage of the situation to intimidate you even farther, forcing you to take pennies on the name of compensation. A good Pleasant Grove personal injury lawyer will, however, negotiate the terms on your behalf, which gives you a better chance of getting justice and proper compensation. Our lawyers at Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton have been handling personal injury cases for quite a long time, hence best equipped for the job.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer in Pleasant Grove

Our firm won’t bill you anything until the case is ruled in your favor. This is to say, you’ll have full access to our legal team and expertise throughout the proceedings, and only give us our dues after the settlement has been awarded. You don’t have to part with your hard-earned money to get expert legal services.

X-ray of back injuries in a personal injury claim in Pleasant Grove, AL

What Steps Should I Take When Injured?

The first and most important step to take when involved in an accident would be to seek medical attention. Call 911 if possible, or ask someone else to do it for you. If you believe the accident was due to another person’s negligence or intent, you can then get in touch with Hare Wynn, Newell, and Newton for a free consultation.

Be sure to follow the doctor’s precise instructions and advice too. This is not only good for your health but also mandatory if you are to file a complaint against the person at fault. The insurance company will also want to know if you sought the appropriate medical treatment too. It would also be advisable to keep a record of everything from the doctor’s appointments, test results, and even bills to get the maximum compensation possible.

Do I Have to Seek Medical Attention Before Filing A Claim?

Many of our clients seek medical treatment first before contacting us. It would also be advisable to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, as well. This can also be done after filing the claim, although your health should come first before anything else. Going to the hospital first before filing the claim makes more sense, and also makes it much easier for our lawyers in Pleasant Grove, AL to support your case. They’ll use the medical records and reports as evidence for the injuries sustained.

If the accident caused distress and you have to strain due to the pain, you should then seek legal assistance immediately. Although you can opt to pursue the claim yourself, an attorney will help ensure the claim is free of mistakes and negotiate with the offender’s lawyers on your behalf. Your lawyer has a better chance of negotiating the terms than you do.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

There is no possible way to put a number on your claim’s worth. This is because every accident and injury is unique in very many ways. Other factors, such as the type of insurance in place, the party at fault, and the level of damage done have to be considered as well. Discussing the details with our lawyers may, however, help make calculating compensations much easier.

Should you choose us as your lawyers, we will then allocate the most competent team of lawyers to work your case exhaustively. The process may involve collecting evidence, talking to witnesses, evaluating damages, and everything else involved, to determine how much the compensation should be.

What Damages Can Be Compensated in A Personal Injury Case

‘Damages’ is a legal term commonly used to reference the compensation that should be awarded. Good examples of damages include lost wages, medical expenses, lost salaries, and any other form of monetary loss. Punitive damages can also be included in the compensation plan, and especially where the offender was reckless in their behavior. This is done to use the offender as an example to the public for such offenses.

What Is the Best Time to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney in Pleasant Grove?

Although this may be up to you, experts recommend hiring an attorney as early as possible. It would be better to hire a personal injury lawyer immediately after the accident and when the evidence is still fresh. You also have to hire the attorney before the validity of the statute of limitations is applicable. Waiting for too long could have you locked out.

What Information Should You Share with Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Both you and your lawyer should gather as much evidence as possible before and during the claim. That said, you’ll be required to share the evidence, videos, and photos of the accident scene with your lawyer. If multiple vehicles were involved, take multi-angled pictures of the same, as well as skid marks, if any. If a pet caused the injuries, you should take photos of the pet too. You, however, ought to be careful when taking such pictures so as not to endanger your health or life.

Collect Contacts and Names of Witnesses Present at the Accident Scene and get Details of Passengers and other Drivers, if any.

Medical documents and receipts from injuries sustained in the accident should also be preserved as well. This includes medical bills, ambulance fees, medication expenses, and specialized care expenses as well. Keep a journal of the experiences you have after the accident, and what/how it might have changed your life. Be sure to provide detailed information on the experiences too. The journal may come in handy when more evidence is needed.

How Does Alabama Law Define Negligence?

Negligence is one of the core aspects of most personal injury cases. It is therefore defined as harm caused due to a party’s carelessness and failure to exercise proper care. A good example of negligence is if someone chooses to text and drive, drive under the influence of drugs, instances which lead to or cause an accident. The individual can be sued for negligence. Other acts of negligence include slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, and lack of proper care by caregivers.

Woman being assisted by EMS after an accident in Pleasant Grove, AL.

What If You Are Partly to Blame for The Accident?

While personal injury cases vary from one state to another, the state of Alabama applies contributory negligence to personal injury cases. This is to say; you may not have a legal right to recover damages if you are partly to blame for the accident. That said, some insurance companies and opposing parties may, however, use this card to avoid liability on their side. Having a lawyer by your side may however help in such an instance.

How Long Can A Personal Injury Case Take in Alabama?

While most cases will be settled in just a few months, some will take longer than that. Complicated cases can drag on for years too. Factors such as the nature of injuries sustained and the insurer’s willingness and readiness to pay come in play here. If the insurer isn’t however, willing to settle to the agreed amount, our lawyers will recommend filing a lawsuit and move to trial.

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