OSHA Cites Petroleum Companies for Fatal Workplace Injury

OSHA cites petroleum companies for fatal injury. The fatality occurred when an employee asphyxiated while working in a confined space at a Tuscaloosa refining facility.

The two companies cited by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) include Turner Specialty Services LLC and Hunt Refining Co. Turner LLC is the contractor which had employed the victim of the injury. According to OSHA’s citation, the contractor failed to make sure that emergency rescue could be provided to the employee.

Hunt Refining Co. was also cited by OSHA for failure to ensure workplace safety. OSHA further stated in its citation that the refiner didn’t suitably identify all the hazards. As per the rules set forth by the U.S. Department of Labor, the company must have identified all the confined-space hazards and documented in detail the steps to ensure safety when working in such spaces.

In addition to its own failure to meet safety standards, Hunt Refining Co. was also cited for failing to evaluate Turner LLC and make sure the contractor was fulfilling its employee safety obligations.

For these failures, OSHA has imposed a collective penalty of $106,800 on the two companies. Both companies have 15 business days to comply with the citation, appeal the decision or seek a meeting with the local OSHA authorities.

The identity of the employee who died in the fatal accident hasn’t been revealed by OSHA or the employer. It remains to be seen whether it is possible for the survivors of the victim to file a wrongful death claim against the employer. In many cases, negligence can be found when an employer clearly fails to ensure the safety of the employees. Even if an employer offers workers’ compensation benefits, gross negligence may allow the victim or victims’ survivors to file a civil lawsuit.

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