Man Responsible For Fatal Crash Sentenced to Twelve Years

A man who was responsible for causing a crash resulting in the death of a teenager has now been sentenced to twelve years in prison. The sentence was pronounced by a Cullman County judge following a virtual court hearing. The man sentenced was identified as Bradford Meeks of Cullman.

The accident for which Meeks has been sentenced took place back in 2017. Meeks was driving a truck at the time when it hit Curtis James Wilson, 15. Wilson was a student at the Cullman High School and also played as an athlete at the school.

In the wake of the accident, Meeks was indicated with a number of charges. These included DUI 0.08 or greater, driving on the wrong side of the road, unsafe lane change, third-degree assault, reckless murder, and open alcoholic container in a motor vehicle. At the same time, Ashley Wilson, the mother of the victim, had also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Meeks.

Following a long case, a sentence was finally pronounced by the judge on the criminal charges during a virtual court hearing. Meeks had waived his right to an in-court hearing. He also didn’t make utilize his right to make a statement before the judge pronounced sentence.

As per the sentence, Meeks has been sentenced to a total of 12 years in prison. Of these, he had received a penalty of a 10-year sentence for the charge of being criminally negligent. The judge sentenced him to another 12 months for DUI as well as an additional one year for assault.

Following the sentence, Meeks has nearly a month and a half to appeal against it. The wrongful death lawsuit brought against him by Wilson’s mother is also pending. With the pronouncement of the sentence, it is possible the lawsuit may finally be fast-tracked and civil litigation against Meeks may begin.