Charges Brought Against Teen Involved in Shooting and Fatality

Law enforcement agencies have brought formal charges against the teen, Laeric Kejuandre Bailey, 19, for fatal shooting outside a Birmingham club. Bailey has also been indicted in a previous shooting at the 2017 Center Point church carnival which injured four people.

The present shooting incident took place on November 24 when Bailey started shooting in a drive-by at the Euphoria Sports Bar. The establishment is located at the 15th Street West where the incident occurred in broad daylight at around 12:30 a.m.

Bailey opened fire at the people standing outside the bar. The shots wounded five people in total. Of these, Fredrick Asher, 25, sustained the most serious injuries. Asher reportedly pushed away other bystanders and tried to act as a shield in a heroic move which probably saved the lives of others.

Soon after the shooting incident, police arrived at the scene. Asher was critically injured and rushed to the Trauma Center at UAB Hospital. He succumbed to his injuries two hours later. Four other people sustained gunshot wounds although none had life-threatening injuries.

The shooting came about after Bailey and other patrons were ejected from the club for fighting. They later drove by the club and opened fire at other patrons in the parking. Bailey had previously been involved in a similar incident in 2017 when he started shooting at a church carnival. At the time, the fight took place over a girl. When he found that he was outnumbered in the fight, Bailey took out his gun and started shooting.

He was booked on seven felony charges and indicted back in 2018. The trial for the case was still to arrive. Bailey has not been booked for the latest incident, accused of capital murder. The authorities have also moved to have his bond from the previous case revoked.

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