Many of our most vulnerable citizens are solely dependent on the services of nursing homes and assisted living facilities to meet their total needs. Those facilities are paid by families and the government to meet those needs and many do a very good job in that regard. A select few, however, fail to adequately train, supervise and hire ample staff in order to meet the needs of the residents for whom they are paid to provide care. It is in those situations where abuse and neglect surface. Hare Wynn represented another wonderful family in a hard fought case that involved allegations of insufficient care, which led to the suffocation death of a resident, at a Kentucky nursing home. The family was only told that their loved one had passed away and the circumstances were unclear. This family stood up for their loved one , and when the facility failed to provide acceptable answers, they hired Hare Wynn to investigate. Our investigation uncovered the truth – that the tragic death was preventable and was caused by inadequate care.