The Alabama Supreme Court on Friday affirmed a $15 million verdict against a Bessemer convenience store and its owner for selling alcohol to an underage driver that led to a 2007 crash that killed a 13-year-old boy and injured three others. Hare Wynn attorney Ashley Peinhardt argued the cases before the Alabama Supreme Court.

Seven of the justices affirmed the verdict against Nineteenth Street Investments Inc. with no opinion. Chief Justice Roy Moore dissented, also with no written opinion. And one justice was not involved in the decision.

The Alabama Supreme Court had heard arguments in the case Nov. 4th at Samford University. A jury in 2013 had found against Nineteenth Street Investments, former owners of the 14th Street BP in Bessemer. Four lawsuits, which had been filed by the families of the teens, were consolidated into one case for trial.

This verdict means the jury verdict and the judgment of the trial court, which did not reduce or alter the verdict, is affirmed in its entirety. All four cases were consolidated and tried to one jury in one trial.

This is the largest damages judgment affirmed in more than 20 years.