On February 27, 2010, just a few hours before his 21st birthday, Sean Rasco, a West Virginia University student, lost his life in a tragic accident because a nightclub failed to follow the ABC laws of that state. Under West Virginia law, a person under 21 years of age is allowed to enter an establishment but cannot be served alcohol. Today, that nightclub is out of business and Sean Rascoe’s parents and two brothers have received justice in a settlement with the defendant, D&R Bars, also known as Karma Nightclub.

Jamie Moncus represented the Rascoe family in the wrongful death case. Moncus says the purpose of the lawsuit was to increase awareness about the dangers associated with serving alcohol illegally and to achieve closure for the family.

“I’m honored to have represented them in this fight and to help ensure that other bars get the message and not allow underage kids to drink,” states Moncus. “This family’s courage in pursuing this case will save other lives in the future.”

Alex Lang, a reporter with The Dominion Post, a daily newspaper in Morgantown, West Virginia, filed this story regarding the settlement.

Dominion Post Article