A lawsuit filed by the Attorney General of The Commonwealth of Kentucky against Merck pursuant to the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act has been settled for $25 million. Hare, Newton & Newton, LLP, served as outside counsel for The Commonwealth in the case. Hare Wynn’s legal team includes Matt Minner, Scott Powell, Don McKenna and Brian Vines. Minner says of the verdict:

“This is an important result in the Commonwealth and the Attorney General’s Office did an impressive job of protecting the citizens of Kentucky from this type of conduct in our state. It was an honor to team up with the Attorney General in achieving this result for the people of Kentucky.”

The Commonwealth of Kentucky filed their Complaint against Merck on September 28, 2009, in the Franklin Circuit Court Division I (Civil Action No. 09-CI-1671). The case was transferred to the Eastern District of Louisiana on April 15, 2010, for inclusion in a multi-district litigation and was assigned to U. S. District Judge, Eldon E. Fallon. In January 3, 2012, Judge Fallon granted the Commonwealth’s Motion to Remand and the case was remanded to Judge Phillip Shepherd in the Circuit Court of Franklin County, Kentucky. This case was set to go to trial in Frankfort in November.

“The experience of Hare Wynn’s team and the excellent work of the Attorney General’s office were key to achieving this settlement,” says Hare Wynn’s, Brian Vines. “We look forward to bringing this experience to bear for our other clients in the Vioxx litigation.”

Hare Wynn is currently acting as national counsel for the states of Alaska and Montana in similar litigation.