BIRMINGHAM, ALA. €“ September 25, 2009 €“ Jefferson Court Circuit Judge Dan King (Bessemer Division) has issued a judgment of $3 million in damages in a defective product suit against Ningbo Yunhaun Electronics Group Corporation. Damages were awarded in favor of the plaintiff, Clarence Hearns, Administrator of the Estate of Lonnie and Nellie Mae Hargrove. Mr. Hearns is the son of the deceased couple. Hare Wynn partners Ralph Cook and Matt Minner represented the plaintiff.

The Hargroves (Lonnie Hargrove, 81, and his wife, Nellie Mae Hargrove, 82) were asleep in their residence when a fire started due to a defective electric power cord manufactured by Ningbo Yunhaun Electronics Group Corporation. Neither Lonnie nor Nellie Mae were able to escape from the burning residence and they lost their lives in that fire. Ningbo Yunhaun manufactures over 100 million power cords annually at its facility in China and claimed that the cord at issue was counterfeit, in defense of the allegations.

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