On December 14, 2007, Corbin Fawcett of Haleyville, Alabama and Wayne McCaleb of Fayette, Alabama were en route home traveling east on Interstate 20 Near Delhi, Louisiana when a deadly pipeline explosion occurred. Mr. Fawcett was killed and Mr. McCaleb injured in the explosion.The defendant, Columbia Gulf Transmission, is the owner of 4,200 miles of pipeline that stretches across Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky, and connects every major pipeline system on the Gulf. The blast happened when a 30-inch, steel underground pipe, a part of the Columbia Gulf pipeline that carries natural gas to the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast United States, exploded under them. The interstate roadway opened up in front of the men and what was described as a three hundred foot ball of fire erupted and engulfed the vehicle. The explosion stopped traffic on north Louisiana and central Mississippi’s major east-west corridor, Interstate 20, for more than five hours. Corrosion of external metals on the pipeline, located about 50 yards from interstate traffic, is the suspected cause of the explosion. The pipe ruptured near a small bridge that crosses Interstate 20 at the Richland-Madison Parish Line. The $3 million dollar settlement was attained for the family of Corbin Fawcett and his passenger, Mr.McCaleb. The plaintiffs were represented by a team of Hare Wynn attorneys led by Matt Minner.