Motorsports Awareness Month – Rules to Ensure Your Day of Motorsports Doesn’t End in an Accident

Motorsports awareness month brings an often underappreciated division of American athletics to the forefront. Motorsports include off-road racing, stock car racing, tour racing, and non-Fire racing events involving motor vehicles. If you love off-roading or taking the quads out on the weekend, then motorsports awareness month could be the month for you.

However, motorsports tend to be dangerous. Often because of off-road conditions, the potential for high speeds, and the presence of motor vehicles. It is very easy for a motorsport event to turn From sun to deadly in just a matter of minutes. With these tips, hopefully, you can set some safety rules for you and your family before heading out to your fun event.

General Safety

Among the most important general safety tips during any motorsports event is too have designated people be constantly watching for danger. Spotters, or watchers, should have flags to indicate if there’s potential danger or if there’s been an accident.

Additionally, there should be clear rules in place during the event or if you’re out with friends. You and your friends or the event venue can layout rules such as an audio or visual indicator for when people are no longer allowed near the track or when the vehicles are started and moving.

Take the time to come out to ensure that everyone has the proper protective equipment. This could mean hearing protection in the form of air plugs, as well as pads, and that roll cages are safe as well.

Finally, ensure that everyone is aware of emergency medical response for the area. That may just mean calling 911 if something happens. But at some motorsports events, EMS is already on scene, and knowing where they are located can be important.

Off-Road Racing

Off-road racing is an umbrella term that includes motocross, off-roading in vehicles such as jeeps or dune buggies, and even off-road truck racing. While these are some of the most fun motorsports to participating in, the off-road environment is far more treacherous than most track environments.

The first rule for any off-road event is to always inform someone where you are and what time you will be returning. This includes trips where you’re with another large group of people. Always tell someone who’s not at the event where you are and when you’ll be returning home. That gives them the opportunity to know how to contact authorities if they suspect that something has gone wrong.

The second rule is to always pack survival gear. It seems a little over the top, but when here are out in nature, you don’t know what will happen, and you don’t know the worst-case scenario until you’re faced with it. Survival gear includes equipment to handle medical emergencies and equipment to handle the area’s harshest climate for that time of the year.

Finally, In addition to basic road rules or guidelines that apply to be within a motor vehicle, you need to ensure that everything is strapped down. Objects moving around the vehicle can be as dangerous as a crash.

Stock Car Races and Track Safety

NASCAR has built a brand around track safety, although many of its viewers watch specifically for crashes, the idea is that these stock car races should be as safe as possible. Stock car races aren’t limited to NASCAR, though. Many people enjoy stock car racing at local tracks and participate in local racing programs. Often stock car racing is the opportunity to combine mechanical work as a hobby with racing as a hobby.

When it comes to stock car racing, most safety issues come down to equipment. Ensure that drivers are wearing fire suits, window nets are in place, and seatbelts are used properly. For everyone else on the track, it’s important that there are barriers to prevent onlookers from entering the track at any point in time.

Contact Your Local Personal Injury Attorney in Birmingham

Accidents do happen, and motorsport accidents are no different than other athletic accidents. The people involved likely sustained extensive injuries and will require days, weeks, or months of treatment and care to get back to where they were before the injury. What you can do is rely on the relevant insurance companies involved to cover some of the medical damages and other losses sustained during the motorsport accident.

Calling Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton in Birmingham can help you understand what insurance policy is best to move forward with, or responsible for covering the injuries. Then you can work with our attorneys to build a foundation for your claim and negotiate for the best possible compensation.

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