Motor Vehicle Accidents and How They Cause Wrongful Death

Motor vehicle accidents occur every single day throughout the nation and they often result in individuals suffering serious injuries. Far too often, when motor vehicle accidents can lead to fatal injuries.

This is difficult for the families as wrongful death is often a result of someone else’s negligence. Understanding how wrongful death can occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident is important. Here are some ways wrongful death can be caused by different motor vehicle accidents.

  • Car accidents: There are multiple types of car accidents that can cause significant harm to those on the road. This can include head on collisions, T-bone accidents, rear end collisions, side swipe accidents, and more. When the impact is significant enough or the frame collapses onto the passengers, it can be fatal.
  • Truck accidents: These are some of the most damaging types of accidents because of the sheer size of the truck. Jackknife accidents, rollovers, and more can lead to wrongful death, especially when the decedent is in the smaller vehicle.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcyclists are in an unfortunate position as they don’t have many of the same protections that drivers in passenger vehicles do. There’s no frame or seatbelt to prevent them from ejection off their motorcycles. These types of accidents in which the motorcyclists comes off the motorcycle leave them vulnerable to serious harm.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Not all motor vehicle accidents involve two different types of vehicles. In some situations, the individual injured is a pedestrian with no protection at all. Pedestrians are often hit by negligent drivers who are either distracted, drunk, or tired and the impact of a vehicle on their body can result in a wrongful death.

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