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Assuming you or a close relative has been harmed in a car accident in Alabama, you are eligible for damages for the injuries sustained. For a complete understanding of how to enhance the compensation amount awarded to a loved one or yourselves for injuries inflicted in the auto crash, you need to seek the counsel of an expert McCalla car accident lawyer. Reach out to Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton at (855)-965-1688 to arrange your first free appointment. We’ll go over the conditions of your case and offer you professional instruction.

Should You Directly Contact the Insurance Companies After the Accident?

What you require to remember in this situation is that the major inclination of any insurance provider is to generate a profit, and thus pay limited damages. Due to this, their primary objective when dealing with your case is to reduce the payment they have to make. Alabama enforces a very stringent comparative negligence rule, which fundamentally rules whether you have a valid claim. Because the rule is pure, if you are determined to be a bit at fault for the collision, then you will not qualify for any damages.

Considering this, the insurance providers will direct all their efforts into discovering any small detail that hints you were wrong, even marginally, and thus will not have to part with any compensation. Alabama laws dictate that the party at fault will pay the whole compensation for the injuries caused.

Apart from employing the law to avoid making any compensation, many insurance companies will use other sneaky approaches to dodge paying damages. They might respond to your claim with a low-ball offer, or try to delay the legal proceedings until you have no choice but to agree to their low-ball offer. In some cases, they might completely brush aside any of your attempts to reach them.

At such a point, agreeing to their deceptively low offer might appear to be the right choice, and the insurer will readily oblige. But, it is more beneficial to reach out to an expert car accident attorney form Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, who can assist you to comprehend your situation and get the compensation you are entitled to.

Does a Deadline Exist for Lodging Car Crash Suits in McCalla, Alabama?

One of the critical points to keep in mind when lodging a compensation action in Alabama is that it is a contributory negligence state. For this reason, if you are harmed in a car crash and are only marginally at fault for the situation triggering it, you will not be permitted to seek any compensation for injuries even though the other driver was hugely responsible.

Also, in Alabama state, there exists an extremely stringent statute of limitations for submitting personal injury claims. It is crucial to remember that all claims are lodged in the first two years after the collision, else, the victim vacates their entitlement to compensation. Assuming you are looking forward to lodging a suit against the state, for example, due to a poorly constructed road, you must submit your claim within 6 months after the occurrence of the accident.

These deadlines are indeed stringent, and their specifics challenging. So, to have a better likelihood of success, contact a knowledgeable and professional McCalla car accident lawyer to assist you in submitting your claims properly. Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton has brilliant legal minds with deep experience in dealing with car crash cases, our attorneys can assist you to formulate and submit a claim correctly and in time.

Moreover, one of our team members was once an insurance claims adjuster, which provides an advantage and gives unique insights on how your application will be dealt with by the insurance companies. This ensures that you are completely absolved from blame for the accident, meaning you will get the damages you have a right to.

Fireman assisting a woman out of her vehicle after a crash in McCalla, AL.

What are the Main Reasons for Crashes In Alabama?

A major contributor to another driver is responsible for an auto accident is a car collision; this can happen due to various reasons. The following is a list of some of the frequent causes of auto crashes in Alabama:

Driving while engaging in another activity

Using your phone or texting while on the wheel is not the single cause of distractions while driving. Sometimes, a driver can lose focus while eating, finding stuff in their vehicle, grooming, or engaging in any other activity that draws their attention, hands, and concentration from other drivers and the motorway.

Driving while under the influence

Any driver who drives their vehicle while intoxicated or drunk is deemed to be involved in a crime and must be sued for a personal injury claim.

An emergency illness

Under unfortunate circumstances, a grave illness might suddenly attack a healthy person triggering their loss of vehicle control. Heart attacks and strokes are the most prevalent reasons that lead to health emergencies.

Careless Driving

Rash drivers that break driving rules with reckless abandon normally endanger other road users through their careless acts. Some reckless actions include tailgating, running red lights, over speeding, and other dangerous actions while in control of the vehicle.

In case you were driving safely and according to the rules when you crashed, your McCalla car accident lawyer will undertake a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the party who is responsible. This encompasses looking for defective components in the vehicle and examining environmental conditions at the accident scene. Potholes, sharp corners, traffic signals, and fallen tree limbs, etc. are some of the environmental aspects that are assessed.

After completion of the vehicle inspection and examining the scene of the accident, your lawyer will determine whether any environmental conditions or faulty components contributed to the crash. If so, they can attach the name of the vehicle manufacturer or the government in the suit. However, note that in Alabama, lodging a claim against the state is extremely hard, and it should only be done with the assistance of an experienced and expert Alabama State Attorney.

What Types of Injuries are Prevalent in Car Crashes in Alabama?

Car accidents occur frequently in Alabama, and sadly, a lot of people die while others suffer massive injuries from these mishaps. Combined with other factors, the degree of injuries suffered contributes largely to the total value of your harm. The greater the degree of injury, the more severely your work, financial and personal life is impacted. Common injuries that arise from car accidents in Alabama include:

  • Broken limbs
  • Scars and burns
  • Internal bleeding
  • Agonizing brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries

As your Alabama car crash attorney is liaising with your health providers to correctly ascertain the level of your injuries and the appropriate treatment needed, you should assemble all the documents you get from initial care to the final place of care to back your claim.

What Type of Award Can You Anticipate from a McCalla AL Auto Accident Claim?

Auto accident injuries can range from minor ones to major life-threatening or life-altering ones. If the collision was the result of another driver’s negligence, you can be awarded damages for the harms and injuries you experienced due to the accident. Depending on the injury types that happened in the crash, you are entitled to claim various types of compensation including:

Medical costs

Medical expenses are one of the most common classes of damages that are recouped in a vehicle crash claim. They take care of everything inclusive of the ambulance, emergency services, prescriptions, visitations, and various treatments for harms sustained in the crash. Remember that extreme injuries can cause large bills for medical attention, procedures and related therapies in the long term. Also, you will receive compensation for all the present and future medical bills while you recuperate from your injuries.

Missed Income Opportunities

The majority of car crashes lead to the victim being severely injured, to the extent that they are compelled to take a break from their work life, which results in reduced wages. In extreme cases, injuries might prevent a victim of an accident from returning to their professional activities. Under both circumstances, damages are offered to the victim to assist them in recovering their lost income and any potential chances of earning income foregone in the future due to the prolonged injuries.

Unjust death

In serious car crashes a member of the family or loved one might end up losing their life. In such circumstances, the victim’s family has the right to demand compensation for wrongful termination of life.

Losing a companion (consortium)

Accidents and their related injuries can cause death leading to consortium or loss of companionship. You can claim for compensation in case a collision adversely impacted your relationship. These adverse results could be an alteration in behavior or wrongful death that leads to loss of intimacy or huge adjustments in the lives of the surviving members of the family.

Whereas it is effortless to ascertain the costs of medical treatment and lost income, assessing the equivalent monetary amount of emotional turmoil and pain is an arduous task. Based on this, it is vital to find professional help to correctly arrive at the accurate amount. Using an expert McCalla car accident lawyer to advise you on the details of your case can be a major boost in saving time, and assisting you to get the maximum damages that are possible.

A driver speeding about to cause a car accident in McCalla, AL

How is Negligence Proved in an Alabama Auto Accident Claim?

To allow you to fully receive damages for your harm, the judicial system has to substantiate that your harms were the result of the negligence of another party. Negligence necessitates that these four main factors were applicable:

  • The guilty party had an obligation to the victim
  • The wronged party experienced damages
  • The at-fault person breached their responsibility to the victim
  • The damages inflicted on the victim were the direct result of the guilty party’s failure to undertake their responsibilities

For example, when a driver is driving through the roads in Alabama, they naturally take up the legal responsibility to adhere to the traffic rules and drive safely. Poor concentration when driving, driving under influence, and speeding all indicate a violation of the responsibility of care for the well-being of other motorists and pedestrians. In case such a careless driver hits your car, and causes an accident in which you suffer injuries, it is their negligent conduct that led to your injuries and they will be deemed to be responsible and liable to pay compensation.

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