Man Injured in Shooting at Motorcycle Club

A man was injured in a shooting incident at a motorcycle club this Sunday morning. The incident took place at the Hell Lovers motorcycle club located in Fairfield. According to the deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, the incident happened at around 2 p.m.

Authorities are still investigating the incident. According to the details available so far, a former member and a current member of the club got into a brawl which exacerbated and resulted in the shooting. The former member had apparently pulled out a gun to threaten the current member. The current member, in turn, pulled out his own gun and fired at the former member.

The former member was injured and was forced to flee the scene of the shooting. He apparently took refuge at an abandoned house nearby. Following the shootout, the authorities were notified. When the deputies arrived, they were able to locate the former member at the abandoned house where he had taken refuge. He was then provided primary aid by the paramedics and taken to the hospital. The nature and severity of his injuries are currently unknown.

The Sheriff’s deputies have not revealed the identities of either the former member of the current member involved in the shooting. It is not known whether the identities are available to the authorities. The incident is currently under investigation and it remains to be seen whether or not any charges will be brought against the member who shot and injured the other member.

Using a firearm during a crime is a serious offense in the state of Alabama. Depending on the circumstances, it may be classified as a Class A felony which can result in a prison sentence of 20 years or even more. At the same time, the person who committed the crime may be fined up to $60,000.


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