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If you have been injured in a recent car accident in Alabama, it is very important to determine whether or not you qualify to receive compensation for the injuries that you have sustained. To learn more about maximizing the amount of compensation that you deserve for a loved one or yourself, it is very important for you to hire a professional, qualified, and experienced Leeds car accident lawyer. Call the Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton law firm at (855)-965-1688 for your free consultation. We will discuss the precise details of your case and give you our detailed and expert recommendations.

Should I Directly Speak To An Insurance Company Following My Car Accident?

It is very important to understand that the main goal of insurance companies to make sure they minimize the amount of compensation they have to pay for your damages as much as possible. These businesses exist to maximize their profits. Alabama has a very strict and pure comparative negligence law that is used to determine whether or not your claim is valid. If you are found to have played any part in causing the accident, then you will not be eligible to receive any compensation for your injuries or damages.

That is why insurance companies will do anything they possibly can to find even small details to make you appear to be slightly at fault, which means they won’t have to pay you any compensation. The state of Alabama’s “at-fault” laws means a liable party is responsible to pay compensation for damages and injuries.

Beyond trying to use the law to get out of being required to pay compensation to you, most insurance companies also will resort to using underhanded tactics to get out of needing to pay you. That may include offering you an especially low-ball amount of compensation, or dragging out the process until you are so desperate or frustrate that you give in and accept their low ball offer. They might even not respond to your attempt to contact them.

You might be fooled at the time into thinking you should accept the insurance company’s first offer. However, it will be much more beneficial for you to contact the Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton law firm instead. Our attorneys can help you understand what your rights are and help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation on your claim that you need and deserve.

Does Alabama Have Any Time Limits On Filing A Car Accident Claim?

It is very important for you to know that when attempting to receive compensation in the state of Alabama that it is a contributory negligence state. That means that if you are found even slightly at fault for the car accident where you sustained injuries that you will be unable to claim any form of compensation for your damages and injuries, even when the other driver was mostly to blame.

Also, Alabama has a very strict statute of limitations in place for filing a car accident claim. All accident claims must be filed within 2 years for the date that your accident occurred. If you fail to do that you may lose all of your rights for filing a claim for compensation. If the claim involves the government, due to a dangerous roadway, your claim must be made within 6 months of your accident.

These deadlines are very strict and the details must be exact. Often that is the reason why it is in your best interest to hire an expert and experienced Leeds car accident lawyer. Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton have extensive experience with car accident cases and can help you prepare your claim and file it within the proper time period.

Two vehicles involved in an accident in Leeds, AL.

What Are The Most Common Causes For Leeds Car Accidents?

The most common reason that causes a driver to become responsible for having caused an accident is whenever they collide with your car. There are several reasons why this may occur. The following is a list of the most common kinds of car accidents that may occur in the state of Alabama:

Drunk Driving Accidents

A driver who drives a vehicle while intoxicated or under-the-influence of controlled substances commits an act that is considered to be a criminal and if you file a personal injury claim that individual will be implicated.

Distracted Driving

Texting or using a mobile device is only two of the major causes of distracted driving. Some of the other common distractions include changing a CD, eating, grooming, or anything else that can cause a driver to take their hands off of their steering wheel or attention off of the road.

Reckless Driving

Drivers not following the rules of road put others at risk and are reckless drivers. That may include speeding, following the vehicle in front of them too closely, running a red light, or other kinds of risky behavior while operating a motor vehicle.

Emergency Medical Conditions

In certain circumstances, an otherwise healthy driver may be suddenly struck by a medical condition that causes them to lose control of their car. Usually, that includes heart attacks and strokes.

If you were driving safely and properly when another driver crashes into your vehicle, your experienced Leeds car accident lawyer will help you by conducting a comprehensive investigation to identify which driver was at fault. That will include them performing an investigation in order to check if your vehicle or the other driver’s car had any faulty parts, in addition to other environmental factors that were present at the scene of the accident. These can include potholes, fallen tree limbs, traffic signals, sharp curves, and more.

If we discover, after inspecting your car and accident scene, that a defect part on your car or environmental factor may have contributed to the accident as well, our attorneys may also name the government or manufacturer of your vehicle in your claim. Remember that it can be very difficult to try to file claims against the Alabama state government and it is not recommended to try it on your own without help from an expert Leeds car accident lawyer.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Injuries In Car Accidents?

In the state of Alabama, car accidents are quite common. Unfortunately, many lives are lost and injuries sustained due to these accidents. Along with many other factors, the severity of your injuries will determine the value that is awarded for the injuries you have sustained. For serious injuries, your financial, personal, and professional life will be significantly affected.

Some of the most common injuries that are sustained in a car accident include the following:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns and scars

Whenever you hire a Leeds car accident attorney they will work with your doctor in order to accurately establish the severity of your injuries, along with the required treatment. It is very important to retain all of your medical documents that you will need to support your case.

What Kinds Of Damages Occur In Car Accidents In Leeds AL?

Injuries that are sustained in car accidents may range from minor to severe and life-threatening. If you have sustained one or multiple damages and injuries caused by another person’s negligence, you can file a claim for compensation for these damages. The amount of compensation you will receive will depend on the type of injury you have suffered from your accident. You may also qualify for different types of damage. They include:

Pain And Suffering

The injuries you have sustained might have caused you a great deal of pain and suffering. “Pain and suffering” is a term that also applies to upset and mental and emotional anguish that is the result of your accident, which includes anxiety as well. There is also compensation available for suffering and pain, similar to what is available for medical expenses.

Medical Bills

The type of damage that is recovered most commonly from a car accident is medical expenses. It covers medications, hospital stays, visitations, and treatments for injuries you have suffered in your accident. Severe injuries often result in needing expensive medical treatments and procedures in addition to long-term therapies following the incident. While you are recovering from the accident you can claim compensation for your current medical costs as well as future ones.

Wrongful Death

A severe accident may also result in a loved one’s or family member’s death. In those situations, the family members or spouse of the individual who has died as a result of the accident may have the right to claim compensation for the wrongful death that caused the fatality.

Loss Of Income

Many accidents result in an injured individual not being able to go back to work or to their former professional role which results in a loss of income for their accident victim. In some situations, the injuries may be so severe that the individual can no longer work at all. In either of these situations, damage may be recovered for the person’s lost wages as well as future lost wages caused by the accident and their injuries.

Loss of Consortium

Some injuries or accidents that result in death will cause a loss of consortium or companionship. Compensation may become available to the spouse or children of the deceased individual whenever the relationship has been negatively affected by the accident. The results of a loved one’s death can result in losing the deceased’s affection or the lives of surviving family members may be altered drastically.

It is fairly easy to determine the costs for lost wages and medical expenses but placing a monetary value on the pain and suffering that has been caused by an accident requires an expert to calculate an accurate and fair figure. You need to have a skilled and experienced Leeds car accident lawyer who can guide you through the exact specifics that are relevant to your case. That can help you receive the compensation that you need and deserve and in the process also save you lots of time.

Truck that rear-ended another car in an accident in Leeds, AL

How Does The Legal System Determine Negligence In A Car Accident Case In Alabama?

To claim compensations for your injuries, first of all, you need to prove that your injuries were caused by another person or driver’s negligence. That involves the following 4 factors:

  • The guilty party (defendant) had a duty to you
  • This duty was breached by the guilty party
  • You suffered damages
  • Your damages occurred due to the defendant failing to perform their duties

The following is an example:

Any motorist who drives on roads in Alabama has the legal duties to follow all traffic laws and drive safely. Speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are all breaches of duty in terms of caring for other motorists’ overall safety on the road. Whenever a reckless driver collides with your car and causes you to become injured, their negligence is what has resulted in your injuries, which makes the driver at fault and liable to pay your compensation.

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