Increasing Your Visibility On a Motorcycle

Although car drivers are quick to blame motorcyclists for accidents, the truth is that many motorcycle crashes are caused by other vehicles on the road. In 1981, the influential NHTSA-sponsored motorcycle study known as the Hurt Report found that up to two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents were indeed caused by drivers. While modern research tends to suggest that this trend has slowed, motorcycle riders still face high accident risks – especially when they are not fully visible. In fact, limited visibility motorcycle accidents are even more common nowadays, due to increased driver distractions and cell phone usage. Because motorcycles are so small compared to the other vehicles on American roadways, it’s all too easy for a distracted driver to miss a cyclist, causing painful and even fatal injuries in the process.

In this post, we’ll discuss how motorcyclists can make themselves more visible on the road, and review how you can seek compensation if you were involved in a limited visibility motorcycle accident.

Ways to Improve Your Visibility on a Motorcycle

While the legal liability to “look both ways” falls on drivers and motorcycle riders alike, it’s important to protect yourself against any unnecessary risks on the road. That means observing some common-sense safety methods, as well as being intentionally deliberate about the moves you make on a motorcycle.

Here are some of the best tips for improving visibility on a motorcycle:

  • Always wear some form of reflective clothing, especially at night.
  • Don’t tailgate, as this can reduce driver visibility and slow your reaction time.
  • Ensure that your horn, mirrors, and signals are all in good working order.
  • Don’t wear all black or neutral colors, and use bright colors whenever possible.
  • Take clearly visible center lanes when passing through or turning into intersections.
  • Apply reflectors and reflective tape onto your bike, especially on the back.
  • Stay vigilant in traffic – never drive distracted on a motorcycle!

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Of course, no matter how many precautions you take on the road, it’s always possible that a negligent driver could fail to see you. Because motorcycle riders are far more likely than drivers to face serious injuries and death, it’s crucial that you seek immediate medical attention after a crash – and then consider calling a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

At Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, LLP, we’ve successfully taken on many motorcycle cases on behalf of riders. We know that riders often face unfair stigmas about their driving abilities and level of caution, but we also know exactly how to fight back against negligent drivers who attempt to benefit from these stigmas. If you need assistance seeking compensation for a catastrophic injury, our nationally-recognized legal team can help.

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