Importance of Tire Pressure

Don’t you want to have prolonged performance for your vehicle, a boost in fuel economy, improved handling, and increased safety? This is why it is so important to ensure that your tire pressure meets the standards provided in the owner’s manual. Doing so goes beyond improve the performance of the vehicle, it also works to help prevent tread separation and tire blowouts. When you want to make sure your tire pressure is right, here are some things that you want to keep in mind.

  • Your owner’s manual will provide full information on your tires, including the recommended tire pressure that should be maintained. Doing so gives you the safest operating pressure.
  • Before driving, you should check your tire pressure. This is especially true when there is no special indicator on your dashboard as is the case in most newer vehicles.
  • Understand that tire pressure can be impacted by the outside temperatures. Colder weather means the pressure drops. Extreme heat can cause an increase. These both cause safety issues.
  • When checking your tire pressure, use a quality gauge that will give you the correct reading to avoid over and under inflation.


If your tires are over inflated, they may feel stiff and rigid. As such, the amount of rubber that touches the road would be reduced causing uneven tread wear. The ride won’t feel as smooth as it should. The most common situation from this is center wear where the center of the tread becomes smoother and wears down quicker than the outsides of the tread.

Underinflated tires fail to hold the correct shape, resulting in more tread touching the ground. More wear will occur and there will be an increased rolling resistance. The faster the tread wears, the easier it would be to lose control of a vehicle. Make sure checking tire pressure is part of regular maintenance.

When tire pressure is not up to standards, accidents can occur. Often times, this is a result of negligence and our legal team works hard to represent victims. You need compensation and it is our goal to help our clients reach the most favorable outcomes possible.

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