How to Put Together a Winter Travel Safety Kit

Let’s face it, with the holidays in the winter, it’s a common time for a lot of people to travel. This means increased traffic on the roads which, in itself, is a potential danger. Factor in the potential for seriously detrimental weather conditions, and it makes for a dangerous time. Before you take to the roads, one of the most important things you can do is put together a winter survival kit. This ensures you are taken care of whether the weather gets too bad or should a traffic collision occurs.


  • Shovel to clear snow or mud away from your tires if you get stuck
  • Small broom or window scraper to clear your view through your windshield
  • Flashlight with extra batteries to keep your visibility and help others locate you
  • Water in case you are stuck for an extended period of time
  • Tire chains if needed for snowfall on the ground
  • Rope or tow chain for help
  • Items to help create traction such as cat litter, sand, or road salt
  • Cell phone charger to keep your phone working
  • Emergency flares and reflectors to increase visibility
  • Any necessary medications you may have
  • First aid kit


It’s always a good idea to keep your kit in a safe place that you can access relatively easily in case there is a traffic collision or you are stuck in bad weather. You need to ensure that you can stay warm and keep yourself visible to any potential helpers on the road.

Winter weather can make it difficult for drivers to operate their vehicles carefully. If they are not following speed limits or specific laws, they may be considered negligent. When this causes a traffic collision, the victim has the right to seek legal action in order to pursue compensation from the responsible party. At Hare Wynn, our traffic collision lawyersrepresent victims in their goal to obtain justice.

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