How to Help Your Teen Become a Safe Driver

Watching your kids grow up can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. But it can also be scary. When your teenager reaches the age of 16, they’re going to want to get their driver’s license. As much as you want them to have their freedom, you also worry about them. Once they get behind the wheel, it feels like there’s nothing you can do to protect them. They’ll be at the mercy of other drivers. They’ll also be at the mercy of their inexperience. Thankfully, there are things you can do as a parent to prepare your teen to become a safe driver.

Most of us can remember how nervous we were when we first learned to drive. We studied for our driver’s test and had our parents spend hours with us in empty parking lots learning how to parallel park. Once the day comes when your teen goes for their driving test, you’ll be even more nervous. Not only is it a sign that your baby is growing up. But it can also be very scary. As a parent, you want to keep your children safe. That’s why it’s important you take the time now to teach them the tricks that will help them become a safe driver in Birmingham, Alabama.

If something does happen and your teen gets into a fender-bender, it’s good to know there are experienced car accident lawyers in Birmingham that can help. Hopefully, you won’t need us. But, if you do, know that you can call and schedule your free initial consultation at any time.

Make Sure Your Teenager Obeys the Speed Limit

It seems like all new drivers like to push the limit when it comes to driving fast. They don’t realize that, even if they speed, they aren’t going to get to their destination any faster. It’s better to take it slow and arrive safely. That’s why your teen driver in Birmingham needs to follow all the speed limits. If they’re on the highway, they need to stay under the speed limit.

And, if they’re on a residential road, they need to stick to 25 mph or less. There’s no reason for them to speed. Part of this will depend on the type of car you buy them. If they have a fancy sports car, they’re going to be tempted to drive fast. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your teen a safe and reliable starter car. This way, they won’t be so inclined to drive too fast.

Make Sure They Know How to Change a Tire

It may sound simple, but it’s important that your teen know how to change a tire. The last thing you want is your teenage son or daughter stranded on the side of the road with a flat. Not only can they get hurt by passing vehicles. But they’ll also be at the mercy of the elements. They could be out in the cold weather and have no idea how to change a tire. You don’t want them outside waiting for a road service for an hour or two. If they know how to change a tire, they can fix it themselves.

It’s also a good idea to teach your kids how to check the air in their tires. They should never get behind the wheel if their tires are low. This is a recipe for disaster.

Provide Them With an Emergency Kit

It’s crucial that your teen driver have an emergency kit in the trunk. This way, if they do break down or get stranded, they have everything they need. You can buy one online or in an automotive store. Or, you can prepare it yourself.

Call and Talk to One of Our Skilled Car Accident Attorneys in Alabama

Your teen is bound to get into a few skirmishes when they first get their driver’s license in Birmingham. Until they have a few years of driving under their belt, there’s always the chance that they could rear-end another car. Or, they may get into a little accident in a busy parking lot this fall. If this happens, the first thing you should do is call an experienced car accident lawyer in Birmingham.

Call and talk to one our staff to schedule your free initial consultation. You can sit down with someone who’s handled dozens of cases like yours. They can answer any questions you may have. They can also give you an idea of how strong your claim is. The initial meeting is free and you wouldn’t pay anything until after your case is settled.

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