National Safety Month: Hazard Recognitions – How Fatigue and Impairment Leads to Accidents on the Road and at Work

The third leading cause of death in this country is unintentional and preventable deaths. Many of these deaths take place either at work or on the road. OSHA has found that the number one contributor to these preventable deaths is alcohol and drugs. There are other things that can lead to a worker’s death. For example, when employees are exposed to extreme temperatures, especially in the summer, they are more likely to make mistakes. Or, if people are forced to work with dangerous or faulty equipment, there is a higher chance of them getting hurt or killed. This is when companies owe it to their staff to practice solid hazard identification.

All companies need to be careful to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace. Very rarely does an employer purposely create or allow hazardous conditions to persist. But if they don’t look for them, there’s no way for them to fix them. In order to practice proper hazard identification, employers and workers need to keep the following things in mind:

  • It’s important to look for potential hazards at the time of design or implementation
  • Before any task is undertaken, you need to look for potential hazards
  • If an employee notices a hazard while performing their duties, they need to stop and alert their manager
  • It is critical that inspections be completed on a regular basis to ensure that any hazardous conditions are removed or repaired
  • If any employee or visitor is injured, it is important to check for any possible hazards or dangerous conditions

While it is important than an employer do all of these things, there is one thing that is more important. Every company needs to be aware of alcohol and drug abuse that is taking part in their property. This is the leading cause of accidents and deaths on the job and on the roads.

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Alcohol and Drugs Cause a Significant Number of Deaths Every Year

Thousands of people in this country are killed or injured every year as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. A lot of these deaths come as the result of a drunk driving accident. When people are impaired and get behind the wheel, the results can be disastrous. And, unfortunately, a lot of workplace accidents also involve people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Employers owe everyone a duty to identify any potential hazards caused by impairment. Studies have shown that more than 8% of all employees report drinking on the job on a regular basis. This means that truck drivers, construction workers, and delivery drivers have an 8% chance of being impaired at any given time. Innocent victims are often the ones who pay the price. This isn’t fair. It is critical that everyone be on the lookout impairment, especially when it comes to the workplace.

What to Do if You’re a Victim of a Hazardous Injury?

If you or your loved one have been the victim of any sort of accident, you may be entitled to damages. If the defendant was impaired at the time of your injuries, then you deserve compensation. And, if a third party was responsible for preventing that hazard, then they also need to be held responsible. Call and talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer right away so they can let you know what you may be entitled to.

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National Safety Month is upon us. What better time to remind people of the potential hazards both on the road and at their place of work than now. If you or your loved one suffer any sort of injury due to a hazardous condition, you’re going to need to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Birmingham. They can review your case and determine what may have caused your injuries. If another party is responsible for your being hurt, you need to get help.

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