How Does Trauma Impact the Livelihood of a Survivor?

Can you imagine an entire life-changing from one event? This is a common occurrence when it comes to accidents and the long-lasting trauma that often results. Not all survivors deal with trauma, but for those who do, it’s often enough to impact their entire lives.

There are a number of aspects of a survivor’s life that can be affected as a result of trauma caused by an accident. While therapy is often a helpful treatment for trauma, there are still some triggers that can cause the individual to struggle with certain events.


When someone sustains a serious injury from an accident and they deal with the trauma of the event, there are a number of triggers that can bring about thoughts of the collision and flashbacks. For instance, the sounds involved. Accidents are often associated with the sounds of screeching tires, horns blaring, and a loud bang.

These sounds can lead to a flashback for a survivor. Similarly, the smell of oil or smoke can also be triggers if the crash had either. Sight can also bring about flashbacks, such as seeing other vehicles in a collision or a close encounter.

These triggers often lead to fear and anxiety. In some instances, it can cause the survivor to stay clear of similar situations when driving, or even prevent them from driving altogether.


Because a person dealing with trauma may be afraid to travel in a vehicle, it can impact their ability to work. This is especially true for those with driving jobs or those who have to commute in order to get to work. The triggers can be enough to prevent them from even getting in a vehicle, making it more difficult to make a living.


In some instances, accident survivors need treatment to cope with the trauma they are experiencing. Over the years, the resources necessary to recover can build upon expenses. Typically, survivors don’t have the income necessary to cover these costs from an unexpected accident. This is why it’s important to seek compensation.

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