How Does Amputation Occur?

Many people have a small understanding of catastrophic injuries, but did you know that amputations are some of the most serious? There are a number of potential accidents that can cause an individual to require amputation.

Understanding what accidents can result in an amputation and what the exact cause is for an amputation is important. Our catastrophic injury attorneys are here to help you and explain the facts you need to know.


When an individual sustains a serious injury, the impacted limb may have a much more difficult time healing. If it’s beyond healing, the limb may be amputated. This is usually the situation when the accidents are serious such as in fourth degree burns or serious accidents.


One potential reason for a medical professional to amputate a limb is due to serious infections. Some wounds can become infected and when it doesn’t go away, there is a serious threat for the infection to worsen and impact other parts of the body.

Infections can harm the tissue in the body and as they worsen, it may be in the best interest of the patient to have the limb amputated so further and expanded issues do not arise. Amputation may also occur in diabetic patients.


Blood flows through the body for a reason and if there’s poor circulation, this can be dangerous for any limb. It can cause tissue to die and infections to build. Typically, these types of amputations are most common in the lower leg area below the knee.

Any type of amputation should be considered serious. When the accident that causes the amputation is the result of a serious negligence-related action, you as a victim deserve to seek compensation and justice from the responsible party.

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