How are Catastrophic Injuries Categorized?

There are many different causes of injuries and many of them can be considered mild in terms of severity. At what point, however, does the legal and medical industry considered injuries to be catastrophic? What injuries are considered the most serious?

Is it the broken finger caused by a door slamming on a person’s hand? Maybe it’s the slight concussion caused by a slip and fall. When negligence is involved, it’s important to understand what injuries may be considered catastrophic and how they’re categorized in order to protect your rights.

What Injuries are Catastrophic?

Typically, catastrophic injuries can arise from any type of accident and are some of the most serious based on the long-term impact associated with them. These are some of the most common catastrophic injuries and why they’re categorized as such.

  • Traumatic brain injuries: Because of the long-term difficulties that are often associated with TBIs, they are considered some of the most catastrophic. Victims often struggle with mental and emotional issues, as well as cognitive and developmental problems.
  • Spinal cord injuries: When spinal cords are damaged, it can leave the victim paralyzed. This injury is considered catastrophic because it impacts the victim’s entire life and is associated with a lifetime of expenses.
  • Burn injuries: The most severe burn injuries can result in nerve ending damages, tissue and muscle damage, and more. Skin grafts may be needed to help the victim recover and the pain and emotional trauma make this kind of an injury catastrophic.
  • Organ damage: Whether through blunt force trauma or by puncture, damage to an organ can cause internal bleeding, as well as long-term injuries. These can be life-threatening injuries, especially if not treated quickly.
  • Multiple broken bones: Typically caused in auto or trucking accidents, construction accidents, or even a slip and fall, suffering multiple broken bones can be very damaging. It can cause harm for a long time and require multiple surgeries or treatments to get the victims back to normal.

No matter the direct cause of the catastrophic injury, when negligence is involved, injured parties have the right to seek legal action against the liable party. Our catastrophic injury attorneys at Hare Wynn are here to help.

We have more than 130 years of experience representing individuals who have suffered serious injuries due to someone else’s reckless actions. We take the steps necessary to protect your rights so you know what to expect every step of the way.

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