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Accidents tend to happen without any warning. In the aftermath of an incident such as a motorcycle accident, truck accident, vehicle accident, dog bite, or workplace accident, you may find that you have sustained serious injuries such as broken bones, internal injuries, traumatic brain injury, or in the worst-case scenario, certain body parts may get amputated. As a result of your injuries and other damages to your property, you may end up accruing hefty medical bills or losing your job which may, in turn, lead to loss of ability to support yourself and your loved ones.

You may not know it, but, if you are involved in a serious accident in Alabama, you have a right to sue for and receive compensation especially if you had no fault in causing the accident. To successfully sue an individual or entity in Alabama for compensation, you have to first prove that you had no fault in causing the accident that led to your losses. Proving negligence for the at-fault party can be complicated. Your best bet and hope at proving negligence for the party you are suing requires the legal skills of highly proficient Homewood personal injury lawyers like the team at Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton.

The State of Alabama has very stringent personal injury laws. If you are unsure whether you have a claim case or do not know how to go about filing a successful claim against the party responsible for your accident, our team of attorneys at Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton can help you out.

Contact our personal injury firm today so that we can review all the facts pertaining to your case, compile a ‘winning’ claim case and then file your personal injury claim with the parties responsible for your causing your accident and the relevant Alabama court. Our legal team has been handling personal injury claim cases across Alabama for the past 130 years so you can rest assured that we have the relevant experience and skills to ensure that you receive fair and just compensation for your particular case.

What Should I Do After Getting Injured In Homewood, Alabama?

As mentioned earlier, the State of Alabama has very stringent personal injury laws. If you hope to get any compensation for filing a personal injury claim, you have to prove that the party you are seeking compensation from holds total liability for your accident. This means that the claim case you lodge has to be robust. If your case has loopholes and the party you are suing is able to prove that you were in any degree at-fault for your accident, you will not be able to get any indemnification under the current Alabama personal injury laws.

So, what can you do to ensure that you eventually have a strong claim case on being involved in an accident? Below, we have compiled and will discuss the most critical steps to take immediately after being involved in an accident.

Get Medical Assistance and  Keep Detailed Records

If you or anyone else at the accident scene has sustained injuries, call 911 and request emergency medical assistance. Ensure that the emergency responders keep an accurate and detailed record of your injuries. Even if you feel okay after an accident, ensure that you eventually visit a hospital to get a thorough check-up. This is crucial since it may be hard to identify serious injuries without undergoing an extensive medical exam.

A man having a knee injury treated.

When you visit the hospital, ensure your doctors keep an accurate record of your injuries and medical bills. On contacting our lawyers, they will use your hospital records to determine how much compensation you should receive. The records will also form a huge part of the evidence to be eventually used against the at-fault party(s) who will be mentioned as respondents in your personal injury claim.

Record and Collect Evidence From The Accident Scene

If you can move after your accident, take out your phone and take pictures and videos of the accident scene from different angles. The evidence you document will help our lawyers to eventually prove liability against the party(s) responsible for your accident.

Keep Contact Information For All Witnesses

If there were any people who can provide visual confirmation on how your accident happened, ensure you collect their contact information. When you lodge your personal injury claim, our lawyers will get in touch with the witnesses to the accident so that they can back-up your version of how the accident occurred.

Report The Accident To The Relevant Authorities

Your next step should be reporting your accident to the authorities. At this point, you should also inform your superiors at work of your accident. If you are insured, ensure you inform your insurance company of your accident. When reporting your accident to all relevant parties, ensure that you are truthful. The reports that the police and other interested parties record from you will be a cornerstone in the evidence our team uses to prove negligence on the part of the party(s) to be mentioned in your personal injury claim.

Call Our Team of Highly Proficient Personal Injury Attorneys

Your next call should be to our team of acclaimed personal injury lawyers at Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton. Do not attempt to discuss your case with or argue your innocence with the at-fault parties, their insurer, or any other parties until your lawyers arrive. If you discuss your case in the absence of your lawyer, you may end up divulging details pertaining to your case which could hurt any personal injury claim you lodge afterward.

When our team of lawyers arrives, they will act as your point of contact with insurance companies, the police, and any other parties involved in your accident. Our lawyers will ensure that you only provide information that cannot hurt your personal injury claim.

Why Do I Need The Services Of A Hoover Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are several key reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer if you are considering filing a compensation claim in Homewood, Alabama. Below, we will discuss why you should have our team of lawyers looking after your legal needs and how they will help ensure you get justice and indemnification.

Gathering Evidence

Evidence collection and curation is an important aspect of determining fault and proving negligence. If you sustain debilitating injuries, you may be in the hospital at the time of filing your claim hence you may be unable to handle the evidence collection process.

Our lawyers will collect reports from accident scene responders, take witness reports, and collect all other pertinent evidence that may help them create a robust personal injury claim on your behalf. Based on the available evidence, our lawyers will identify the at-fault party(s), determine the value of your case, and then craft a winning claim which they will then serve to the at-fault party(s).

Negotiating a Settlement

Court processes can be expensive not to mention that they may take longer to resolve. Given that you need the compensation money as quickly as possible to get back to the life you were used to, our lawyers will immediately begin negotiations with the at-fault party(s) with a view of getting your claim resolved fast.

Our team has a lot of experience in handling negotiations most especially when they entail dealing with insurance companies and other lawyers. As a pointer to our proficiency, over the years, we have been able to recover close to $3,000,000,000 for our personal injury clients. Rest assured that we will employ all the skills at our disposal to get you the highest compensation based on the unique facts surrounding your case.

Court Representation

If the at-fault party is not willing to negotiate, our lawyers will file your personal injury claim in court and fight to get you justice and compensation through legal means. We have a lot of experience in litigating compensation claims in Alabama courts. If your case proceeds to court, we will pull all the stops and exploit all loopholes to ensure that your final compensation reflects the severity of your injuries and other losses you sustained in the accident.

An attorney negotiating an injury settlement for a client.

What Damages Can I Get Through A Personal Injury Claim In Alabama?

On filing a case in Alabama, the overall amount you receive will be a cumulative addition of three types of damages. The damages you can get awarded include:

Economic Damages

These are damages awarded to an accident victim to cater for countable losses that arise as a result of an accident. Economic damages tend to include hospital bills, lost income, potential loss of earnings as well as any cost of possessions damaged in an accident.

Non-Economic Damages

These are damages awarded to an accident victim to act as indemnification for emotional suffering and pain.

Punitive Damages

These damages are typically awarded to an accident victim if the at-fault party caused an accident by acting with extreme malice/prejudice. Courts usually award punitive damages as a warning to the at-fault party not to repeat similar negligent actions in the future.

In Alabama, there is no cap on the amount that a person who files a personal injury case can get awarded as economic damages and non-economic damages. However, the state has a cap on punitive damages that stand at $1,500,000. Further, if the at-fault party you are suing is a town, city or county, punitive damages are usually capped by State Laws at $100,000.

How Is Liability Determined For Personal Injury Claim Cases In Alabama?

Alabama follows contributory negligence laws when determining fault in personal injury cases. Under contributory negligence laws, you cannot sue for compensation from another party if you shared any fault for causing your accident.

The contributory negligence laws in the state are what make sourcing for compensation after an accident tricky. Without the assistance of a lawyer, proving liability can be a daunting task. If you want to get compensation for filing a personal injury claim, you must be able to prove the following aspects of Alabama personal injury law:

Duty of Care

You have to show that the party(s) you are suing had a duty of providing an environment that would have made it hard or next to impossible for your accident to occur.

Breach of Care of Duty

Next, you have to show that the party(s) you are suing for compensation did not act as they were expected to and their negligence led to your accident and the losses that eventually followed as a result.


You will then have to prove that the inactions/negligent actions of the party(s) you are suing directly led to your accident.


Finally, you will have to prove that you accrued damages and losses as a result of the negligence of the party(s) you are suing.

If you can prove the following aspects of Alabama personal injury law and show that you did not in any way contribute to your accident, you can file a compensation claim against the at-fault party(s) responsible for your accident and get as much compensation as possible under the law. If you believe you have a claim, our team of lawyers at Hare, Wynn, Newell, and Newton can help you prove liability on the part of the at-fault party(s) and in the process get you the justice and indemnification due to you.

How Much Time Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim In Alabama?

There is a statute of limitations governing the time period that can pass before you file a personal injury claim. The statute of limitations in the state usually varies depending on the unique circumstances surrounding your case.

Generally, the statute of limitations for filing personal injury cases is 2 years.

If the personal injury claim case touches on a minor, the 2-year statute of limitations usually starts counting when the minor reaches 19 years.

A woman discussing a claim with a Homewood personal injury lawyer.

If the at-fault party you want to sue is a town, city, or county, the statute of limitations for lodging a personal injury claim is usually 1 year.

If you want any hope of filing a successful personal injury claim in Alabama, you must lodge your claim before the stipulated statute of limitations expires. Remember that the statute of limitations usually starts counting down from the day that you are involved in an accident, sustain injuries or accrue damages in an accident.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Different law firms charge legal fees based on different models. At Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, we believe that you have been through enough. You do not deserve to incur additional legal expenses while your personal injury claim drags out in court.

At our firm, we follow a contingency fee model when handling personal injury cases for our clients. This essentially means we will not ask you for a cent as we handle your case. We will only ask you to pay legal fees when we successfully get you the maximum compensation possible for your case.

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