Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton Partners with the Alabama Head Injury Foundation

Every year, thousands of people suffer traumatic brain injuries in this country. Many of these are caused by things like construction accidents and motor vehicle accidents. Personal injury lawyers in Birmingham help a lot of their clients obtain compensation for these injuries from the responsible party. While this certainly helps take care of the financial burdens caused by a TBI, it does not necessarily help TBI victims deal with the other challenges that are associated with a brain or spinal cord injury.

This is why Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton has partnered up with the Alabama Head Injury Foundation to help TBI victims and their families. The Alabama Head Injury Foundation is committed to helping people all over the state find a way to resume a normal life after suffering a traumatic brain injury. They have over 14 locations serving the needs of their clients in Birmingham and throughout the state of Alabama.

The foundation was created in 1983 by both medical professionals and the families of TBI victims. Their goal was to help increase public awareness of what it is like to live with a traumatic brain injury. They also work hard to stimulate the environment for TBI sufferers and offer a multitude of support services.

The Alabama Head Injury Foundation Works with Local Colleges and Universities

To make sure they offer cutting edge support services, the foundation works with professionals and researchers. They collaborate with local colleges and universities to make sure they attack the challenges presented by a traumatic brain injury from all angles. They also benefit from volunteer services from college students and professors looking to improve the lives of TBI victims.

What are the Goals of the Foundation?

The Alabama Head Injury Foundation works hard to make life better for both TBI victims and their families. They identify local resources that can help people modify their homes after a tragic accident. People with a TBI sometimes need the assistance of a wheelchair, or they may need certain structural changes inside their home to make it easier to deal with their disabilities.

The Foundation also helps people work to secure coverage by Medicare and Medicaid. Or, if need be, they can help TBI victims apply for disability insurance. These things can be very difficult for the average person. When compounded with all the emotional and physical challenges associated with a TBI, it can be downright frustrating. This is why the foundation offers support services to help in this area.

AHIF also works hard to find their clients free or discounted medical equipment, which can become quite expensive. Most people do not have the kind of money to pay for these things out of pocket, which is why the foundation helps people track down and secure this type of equipment.

Finally, the foundation offers support groups for people dealing with a TBI. These support groups are offered to both TBI victims and their families.

What is the Foundation’s “Help Us to Do More with 84” Program?

One program offered by the Alabama Head Injury Foundation is the “Help Us Do More with 84” program. Through this sponsorship program, members donate $84 dollars per year to sponsor an individual suffering from a TBI or spinal cord injury. This money is spent to help provide that family with support and services through the foundation. These sponsees are all people who have survived a traumatic brain injury. It also helps people who are have become stagnant in their TBI recovery.

At Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, “Lawyers Helping People” isn’t just a slogan—it’s what we do. Whether we are representing an injured client or volunteering in our free time, our whole team at Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton is passionate about making our community a better place to live. That’s why we collectively partner with multiple non-profit organizations that are making a difference in Birmingham and all Alabama, like the Alabama Head Injury Foundation.

Our concern for each client’s wellbeing doesn’t dissipate at the conclusion of their case, and we are always looking for ways to make our communities better places to live. We make it a point to support the work of non-profit groups, charities, and organizations that directly impact the clients and groups we represent.

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