Hare Wynn Case Included in Top 100 Verdicts in 2011

For the second consecutive year, a Hare Wynn jury verdict has been recognized as one the Top 100 Verdicts in America in 2011 by Verdict Search and as listed in The National Law Journal.

The case, Estate of Golden v. Las Americas LLC, was ranked 55th in a list of 100 verdicts in 2011. Matt Minner and Jamie Moncus, obtained the $37,500,000 verdict, believed to be the largest of its kind in Madison County history. Minner believes the verdict will deter restaurant employees from serving to the point of intoxication. “It sends a message to other bars and restaurants that think these laws don’t apply to them,” states Minner. “These laws are for the public’s safety.”

The lawsuit was brought under Alabama’s Dram Shop act, which prohibits the unlawful service of alcohol to employees and intoxicated persons.

Hare Wynn made the Top 100 Verdicts in America in 2010 as a result of a $47,975,000 jury verdict in Schafer v. Bayer CropScience. The suit was filed on behalf of Arkansas rice farmers after an experimental rice strain developed by Bayer called Liberty Link was allowed to make its way into the stream of commercially marketed rice.

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