Dying Vet’s Nurse Laughs as He Dies in Nursing Home

World War 2 Veteran James Dempsey died earlier this year as nursing home staff laughingly refused to provide aid. His family had hidden a secret camera in the room, hoping not to see something along the lines of what James’ final moments were actually like. The released video shows James weakly asking for help, gasping for air, and calling a nurse. He was not helped until 8 minutes later. The nurse adjusted his bed and tubes, turned off his call light, and left the room.

The video also shows nursing supervisor, Wanda Nuckles, laughing instead of administering the CPR she testified to. When shown the video, Nuckles admitted to not helping her patient in an emergency situation. James’ family sued the facility, and both Nuckles and the other nurse with whom she was laughing with lost their licenses.

Unfortunately, nursing home neglect, abuse, and misconduct has become the norm in nursing care facilities across the nation. This horrific epidemic is affecting millions of our elderly loved ones in their greatest time of need. If you or a loved one has suffered in a similar fashion, allow us to do our part in advocating on your behalf.


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